Cell phones have spoilt the quality of communication? In my opinion I think this is true, because these days’ people struggle to have Just one day without gadgets such as cell phones. The fact that companies Just keep coming up with new applications to download on our phones, and they keep making cell phones much more advanced. Cell phones are supposed to help us keep in touch while we are away from home, but nearly half of us use our cell phones to communicate with people who are in the exact same house as us.

There are quite a few people who would rather call our text usage their mothers or brothers who are bin the house and ask them to please go do something for them Just because they are too lazy to get up and go it themselves or they are too lazy to get up Just to go ask someone a simple question. The use of cell phones has caused tons of accidents, yet so many continue to do it every day. If people could Just be honest with themselves, it is not that they don’t have time to talk later; they Just don’t have any patience to wait till they get out the car to talk.

Teenagers text each other during class, and fill their heads with popular sic in the hallways as school, which teachers don’t even know about. It is not only distracting the students from learning, but it feeds their need for instant gratification. A study from Belgium says that quality of sleep of almost half of 16 year olds may be affected by staying up at night sending text messages to their friends using their cell phones, or some of them even choose to call, for unnecessary reasons. These preliminary findings suggest that cell phones may be having a major impact on the quality of sleep of a growing number of adolescents.

Cell phones can cause an motional attachment, some teens may even develop an “addiction” to the device that excludes anything not viewed or heard. The acquisition of a cell phone appears to influence the communication choices of teens. Cell phones can at times be a good device to have especially when being a teenager, when parent’s need to keep in contact with their children. The only problem is the abuse of it; teenagers can’t even go out with friends and have a decent conversation without one or two of the friends going on their phones to talk to another friend or to go on Backbone.

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Social networking is influencing everyone’s lives specially teenagers, and people don’t even realize how bad this is for us. The influence of mobile technology on our lives is huge and even greater on teenagers. In ten age In wanly teen are developing as Monolinguals all Tanat cell phones bring leaves a strong trace on the way they are growing up. The usage of cell phones in their age should be controlled but they shouldn’t be discouraged from using them as they bring many benefits. In my opinion these days’ people abuse the use of their cell phones and this is where cell phones spoil the quality of communication.


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