March 25. 1947 started off as a regular twenty-four hours. 111 work forces some hubbies. male parents or even both kissed their married womans and kids adieu to travel off to work. non cognizing that would be at that place last buss to their loved 1s. As the work forces went throughout their normal work twenty-four hours at No. 5 Coal Mine. they looked frontward to discontinuing clip and reuniting with their loved 1s. Deplorably. this would ne’er come to past. Catastrophe struck at 3:27. 111 lives were slayed out by a prodigious detonation. Paramedics. firemen and police officers gathered at the scene in attempts to deliver hurt coalminers. There were 142 work forces at the site. 65 were killed by Burnss and other hurts and 45 were killed by afterdamp.

Eight work forces were rescued. but one died from the effects of afterdamp. Merely 24 mineworkers escaped. ( Centralia IL Mine Disaster ) . Who is responsible for this you inquire? Majority feel the incrimination was that of Medill and his decision makers every bit good as the Federal and State authorities. Others feel Scanlan could hold done more to forestall this catastrophe after all he did hold authorization to close the mine down. I will place and explicate four logistical options Scanlan could hold addressed. Analyze and discourse Scanlan’s motive toward the Constitution ( the jurisprudence ) . bureaucratism ( as a public decision maker responsible to the populace ) . and duty and discourse different actions that Scanlan could hold taken.

One logistical option Scanlon could hold addressed was when he reported those findings of a possible detonation to other professional but all failed to follow safety processs and allowed the work forces to go on with the occupation. Alternatively of listening to Robert Medill the manager of the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals. Scanlan Should hold straight reported his findings to the Governor of Illinois. the U. S. Bureau of Mines and the State Mine Board to guarantee safety steps and farther infestations were established. Besides. Scanlan should hold developed some type of fail-safe or escape path. By holding an alternate path. this would hold given the coal mineworkers another manner out or at least continue their lives until they could be helped. An flight scheme addresses the arming and preparation of the mineworkers to be able to self-escape under inauspicious and risky conditions in the coal mine and besides how they help others get away a risky status ( Fmshrc. org ) . Furthermore as an inspector. Scanlan could hold removed the mineworkers from exposures to risky conditions. Harmonizing to subdivision 107 ( a ) of the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

It provides orders to t instantly take mineworkers from exposure to serious jeopardies and to forestall mineworkers from come ining such risky countries. an at hand danger must be impending at the clip an order is issued ( MSHA. gov ) . In add-on to these options. Scanlan besides could hold encouraged the mineworkers to build a peaceable protest to better their work conditions. ( Garvey. G. . 1997 ) If the workers would decline to come to work because of the menace on their lives due to the rough work conditions. governments would hold no other pick but to repair the jobs in order to acquire the mineworkers to come back to work. Last. Scanlan ordered the mineworkers to work four yearss and clean 3 of the yearss. ( Stillman. 2010 ) He could hold purely enforced this regulation. He should of made the mineworkers clean the site continuously and non merely for a certain clip period. By holding the mineworkers clean the sit weekly it would hold eliminated the sum of coal dust construct up finally forestalling the detonation.

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Furthermore. I will analyse and discourse Scanlans motive towards the Constitution. Bureaucracy and duty. I feel like he had no ethical motives to the Constitution because if he did he would’ve been motivated plenty to travel down at that place every twenty-four hours and do certain that the mineworkers were making precisely what they were supposed to be making. every bit far as the up support of the mine. Writing studies and inspecting the mine was merely half of the occupation. If he could speak the large game of informing the mineworkers of how their lives were in danger and teaching them to work the mine four yearss and clean the remainder he could hold taken a bigger measure in his actions. Because words and studies aren’t a shadow of your character your actions and workss are.

His actions led to the deceases of over a 100 people. Equally far as his motive to the bureaucratism as a public decision maker. he knew precisely what needed to be done and he stood by composing and describing his day-to-day findings. while those men’s lives continued to be in danger. The mineworkers and all citizens count on its authorities and public functionaries to hold their best involvements at bosom and inform them of any issues or concerns that threaten work or living conditions. Scanlan merely performed the surface responsibilities of an inspector. Those were inspecting the site daily. taking note of the findings and describing them to higher functionaries. Scanlan lacked duty ; he did non perforate the surface adequate to happen profound solutions to the job.

Finally. I will take a place on two possible waies of action for Scanlan. If Scanlan felt that he couldn’t maintain the mineworkers under control or maintain them following his protocol. every bit far as maintaining the mine clean on continual bases he should hold stepped down. He did put in the regulations that the coal dust was intolerable and instructed the mineworkers to work four yearss and clean three yearss of the hebdomad. but I feel he merely implemented those regulations and wrote studies to cover his occupation. Second. Scanlon should hold merely stepped up to the home base. He should hold followed up on all of those misdemeanors he saw every twenty-four hours. After all he was still carry oning his reviews daily. while composing those studies he should hold been doing the mineworkers clean the coalfield. As an inspector he is responsible for doing certain those misdemeanors that he reported daily were up to par and he did non.


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