A supply chain ends with
a satisfied customer
WOTF statements is NOT one of the differentiation strategy decisions?
Use buffer stocks to ensure speedy supply
What is transferring a firms activities that have traditionally been internal to external suppliers?
The advantage of having few suppliers is to
form a long-term relationship
What is developing the ability to produce goods or services previosuly purchased or actually buying a supplier or distributor?
vertical integration
WOTF could reduce distribution risk?
Careful selection, monitoring and effective contracts with penalties
WOTF statements is true regarding cross-sourcing?
Cross-sourcing uses one supplier for a component and a second supplier for another component, where each supplier acts as a backup for the other
What is a long-term purchase commitment to a supplier for items that are to be delivered against short-term releases to ship?
Blanket order
A lawnmower assembly plant uses a variety of nuts, bolts, screws and other fasteners in its operation. Its supplier delivers these items directly to the point of use on the assembly line and ensures that there are always sufficient quantities of fasteners to maintain the production schedule. This is an example of:
vendor-managed inventory
Which negotiation strategy bases price on a published, auction, or index price?
market-based price model
is increasingly using computers to manage its operations.
Supply chain managers outsource logistics to meet three goals
drive down inventory investment, lower delivery costs, and improve delivery reliability and speed
Three criteria for designing distribution networks to meet customer expectations are:
rapid response, product choice, and service
What is a supply chain designed to optimize both forward and reverse flows?
closed-loop supply chain
Three common measures of supply chain performance are:
percentage invested in inventory, inventory turnover and weeks of supply
WOTF statements is NOT generally an implication stemming from an increase in the number of facilities?
decreased total logistics cost
With regard to the cost-based price model negotiation strategy, WOTF is true?
prices are based upon supplier costs
A response strategy requires suppliers be selected based primarily on
capacity, speed and flexibility
WOTF statements is NOT one of the response strategy decisions?
gather and communicate market research data
Prior to embarking on supply chain design, operations managers must first consider
make-or-buy and outsourcing decisions
WOTF strategies is part collaboration, part purchasing from few suppliers, and part vertical integration?
keiretsu networks
The cost to produce goods or services sold for a given period is referred to as
cost of goods sold
The advantage of having many potential suppliers is their willingness to
offer lower prices in the short term
WOTF mitigation tactics could reduce economic risk?
purchasing contracts that address price fluctuations
is a fast-growing mode of shipping
WOTF statements is NOT true?
A closed-loop supply chain is designed to optimize only reverse flows
WOTF statements is NOT true regarding channel assembly?
Channel assembly sends individual components, modules, and finished products to the distributor

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