cells is a phagocytic leukocyte that can engulf a foreign bacterium?
Secrete Antibodies
B cells
B cells that have been stimulated by interleukin-2 develop into _____.
Plasma Cells
The role of cytotoxic T cells is the secretion of _____, which plays a role in the _____ immune response.
perforin … cell-mediated
Clonal selection is the division of _____ that have been stimulated by binding to an antigen, which results in the production of cloned _____.
B cells……Plasma cells and Memory cells
Which of these cells is responsible for the rapidity of the secondary immune response?
Memory Cells
_____ interact with the antigen-class II MHC complex presented by macrophages.
Helper T cells
Autoimmune disease
results when the immune system turns against some of its bodies own molecules; examples are Lupus and MS
Active Immunity
a form of acquired immunity in which the body produces its own antibodies against disease-causing antigens
Passive Immunity
– receives antibodies from another source; Premade
Innate External Barriers
Skin, Hairs, Cilia, Secretions, Mucous Membranes
Innate Internal Barriers
Natural Killer Cells, Phagocyte Cells, Defensive Proteins, Inflammatory response
Adaptive Response
Defense against Pathogens inside body cells and body fluid
Agents that cause disease
Immune System
the body’s system of defenses against agents that cause disease
Innate Immunity
a set of defenses that are active immediately upon infection and are the same whether or not the pathogen has been encountered or not
Cellular ingestion and digestion of foreign substances
Natural Killer cells
attack cancer cells and virus infected cells by releasing chemicals that lead to cell death.
Two main Phagocyte cells are
Neutrophils and macrophages
The most abundant white blood cell, circulate in the blood and enter tissues at sites of infection
are large phagocyte cells that wander through the interstitial fluid, eating any bacteria or virus they encounter.
are proteins produced by virus infected cells that help to limit the cell to cell spread of a virus. They send out a signal.
Complement system
a group of about 30 different proteins that circulate in an inactive form in the blood. They can: invade, attach, or act as chemical signals, trigger inflammatory response
Inflammatory response
an innate body Thdefense, includes redness, heat and swelling
The lymphatic system’s job
to return tissue fluid back to the circulatory system and to fight infection
Lymph nodes
little round organs packed with macrophages and lymphocytes
The lymphatic vessels carry
fluid called lymph

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