Challenges in life are obstacles that one has to overcome. to get the better of in order to come on and to make so normally requires a show of admirable qualities such as bravery and doggedness. Does challenges in life ever convey out the best or the worst in a individual? This is problematic as challenges can either do or interrupt a individual. Some people may non be able to keep out in a ‘test’ but succumb to the force per unit area. Tough times can uncover the true colors of a character. either for better or for worse. as in my personal experiences.

I remember when I was younger and when faced with hardship. I would either fell or run off from it. instead than take it on. One graphic case of this was at my first cantonment with my uniformed group. the National Cadet Corps. it was the first clip I was faced with a dashing experience. Every clip my teachers barked out an order or reprimanded us. and these ‘lecture’ Sessionss seemed ageless. I would huddle at the dorsum of my group. excessively shaken to make anything else. I was at a loss because the undertaking of endurance and finishing the cantonment seemed so disputing that instead than convey out the best in me. really did the reverse.

Every of the squad challenge activity was the same – I was the ‘burden’ of my squad. the ‘weak link’ . who was ever excessively frightened to make anything. ever excessively timid to talk up and above all ever excessively much of a coward to assist my equals. If I could merely run to salvage my tegument and go forth them to ‘die’ on enemy district. I would. Hence. that is why hardship and challenges can sometime convey out the worst in a individual. like they did to me. in this case.

However. what doesn’t putting to death you make you stronger. and as I grew older. the more I found this to be true. One experience that I rose to the challenge was during an expedition to the jungles of Brunei during my early Secondary Three yearss. This expedition was like nil I had of all time been through earlier. This was non a guided circuit on an air-conditioned coach but instead it was a gruelling 48 kilometers trek through the dense. humid jungle. This is where I think challenges bring out the best in people as midway through the class one of our group members collapsed from heat exhaustion. I couldn’t fault him so as I felt like I was ready to drop. excessively. with the heat of the Sun crushing down on us unrelentingly.

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The ‘water-parade’ exercising that we had carried out earlier seemed to hold dissipated into thin air as my lingua was parched and hanging out a stat mi long. I knew the remainder of the troupers felt the same manner. But even under the scorching heat and the midst. humid air. each one of us pitched in and helped to transport our fallen companions for the balance of the trek. This I felt brought out model traits in the squad. It was due to the challenge placed upon us that we demonstrated resiliency. doggedness and empathy for our fellowmen. Anyone of these traits would do a individual better. Hence. that is why I think challenges do conveying out the best in a individual as we would non hold expressed these traits if we were non place in tough musca volitanss.

In shutting. whether challenges conveying out the best or the worst in a individual depends on whether the individual succumbs to the trial of is able to step up to the challenge. Different people react otherwise when placed in hard state of affairss. Some may reflect in the darkness which brings out the beauty in them ; some may acquire snuffed out by the darkness and show their worst signifier. From personal experiences. I have the honor of ‘achieving’ both. hence. I feel that the statement. ‘challenges in life bring out the best in a person’ is true if they bring out positive traits in that individual. but if all the incorrect grounds emerge. so it is merely partly true.


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