We all know that today ‘s universe is altering and it is acquiring smaller every twenty-four hours. The globalization effects our day-to-day lives and the Maltese companies needs to set to the fact that we have to work with foreign states. Nowadays there are many issues that are act uponing the Maltese companies. This thesis is concentrating on peculiar issue that many concerns find it hard to get by with –civilization. This survey will look at the relationship between one state to another, through this the purpose is to measure civilization as a factor of international concern relationships. For this ground the thesis focuses on the comparison and contrast of the Maltese Island and Libya. By agencies of qualitative and quantitative research the two states will be compared. The findings of this research will demo the differences between Malta and Libya.


Most of the people may believe that traveling to a foreign state is merely an experience and will convey different positions about that peculiar state. The mentality of this is based on the meeting of different civilization, although people in manner will already construct a certain vision about that state. Sayings such as: “ Maltese are more task oriented and difficult work driven ” . When person will make up one’s mind to travel abroad, sometimes the people will happen it hard since local people do n’t precisely hold the same manner of thought. On the other manus, what happens when a concern will make up one’s mind to work with different state that have different milieus? Are these differences of import at the topographic point of work? In today ‘s universe the companies are spread outing and besides are come ining into foreign markets, this means that going portion of the international concern is of import. As a consequence, civilization collusions are more likely to go seeable. The cultural differences between Malta and Libya can hold positive and negative consequence on the dialogues and this is chiefly depends on the apprehension of the cultural differences.

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This thesis aims is to do a comparative analysis between Malta and Libya. Throughout this thesis will demo some of the cultural differences and besides will simplify which of these have an impact on the concern dealingss.

The two states are separated by merely 290km of the Mediterranean Sea and through this Libya and Malta have shared a long and entwined history. We can state that Malta and Libya have been merchandising spouses for centuries and besides have many cultural similarities, although they both speak different linguistic communication and have different believes.

The Malta Employer Association ( 2011 ) explained that at the beginning of the war in 2011 Libya have marked the start of unbelievable alterations to one of our stopping points merchandising spouses. It besides stated that the war took topographic point on our Maltese doorsill that this has affected all the societal spouses, as concerns holding their company in Libya had their operations suspended, the support of many employees was and still there is, at hazard and the Maltese authorities had to strike an insecure balance between non-involvement, and imparting human-centered support for the civilians in crisis.

As I have already said the figure of concerns that operate internationally is spread outing continually. Through this when a company like Medilink International decided to work with Libya have faced a batch of challenges and these were new and unfamiliar. Culture barriers is one of the obstructions that Medilink is enduring and is impacting the full company operations.

Libyan geographies, demographics and political relations can impact the concern operations in different ways such as linguistic communication jobs, distance, currency exchange rate, rising prices rate etc…

One of the cultural barriers for Medilink International is linguistic communication. Nowadays larning a 2nd linguistic communication is considered an plus particularly a little island like Malta that have its alone linguistic communication. The first linguistic communication for Libya is Arab and the 2nd one is English.

By the civil war in 2011, there were hopes that there will be more rational development in Libya that this include domestic higher instruction capacity and jobs to direct pupils abroad. After the decease of Gadhafi the state has remained unstable but by some histories it is demoing that avidity to be involved in the international instruction circles. ( ICEF Monitor, 2012 )

The currency vary from one state to another, we use the Euro while Libya uses Dinar. For the Maltese concerns and citizens this may do jobs of currency convertibility and non to except the job of exchange rate fluctuations. If a concern like Medilink is offering merchandise or services overseas one needs to be cognizant of the foreign exchange rates while comparing them to other states. The currency rates are altering from one second to another that this can either travel in any good way or non. Ralph Chami ( 2012 ) stated that after the revolution in 2011 the Central Bank of Libya had a deficiency of entree to its foreign assets and unluckily was non able to sell the foreign exchange with the same market value of the Libyan Dinar that felt at lowest oh half of its official value.

Medilink company must be able to manage these challenges to guarantee smooth operation of its concern. Medilink International needs to maintain in head that Libyan civilizations have different ways of making concern. The most important thing is to retrieve to esteem and understand the Libyan civilization without coercing their ain beliefs.

Research Problem

The research country of this proposal is chiefly focused on the wide country of international concern. The focal point of this research will be the civilization and logistical challenges that Medilink company might meet whilst deploying different medical and other related services in Libya.

During this survey I will compare and contrast the uninterrupted challenges that Medilink International face in pre release and is presently confronting in station release in Libya.

Medilink International has been runing in Libya since 1993, offering specialised medical services chiefly to the crude oil industry in Libya. Throughout the 2011 Libyan revolution, Medilink International kept its clinic in Tripoli functional with the service of a skeleton staff ; yet its working environment has certainly changed in the interim since the revolution left a important impact on their exile clients and the bulk of them merely left the state. One illustration of these major alterations that Medilink International had to prolong is the world that like many other foreign companies runing in Libya today, they contracted ‘professional security’ third-parties to escort staff and clients whilst besides protecting their premises.

Evidence presently shows that companies who have the resiliency to keep a minimum yet uninterrupted presence in Tripoli, merely like Medilink International, are most likely to derive ‘first-mover’ advantages in the close hereafter. However there is and will stay, legion challenges in their concern continuance.This is besides published in the 2014|2015 Discovering Business on the Middle East Association web site.

Another illustration the Medilink International have to keep is the E-Learning challenges that are in Libya. In 2009 Kenan did some surveies about Technological barriers. The survey shows that engineering has the highest per centum of 34 % . After the station war in 2011 Medilink International is happening it a spot hard to pass on with the forces. As Kenan states that the bulk of the Libyan does n’t hold internet entree and unluckily Libya is still a manner behind other states in footings of entree to personal computing machines.

Research Question

One can place two chief variables in this cause and consequence relationship. The gap of Medilink international in Malta this the independent variable. It chiefly effects the Clinic in Libya that reflect the dependant variable since the concern public presentation is a topic to alter as the Libyan civilization is altering particularly after the revolution in 2011.

A 3rd variable can besides be affected that is the European Union. After the revolution in Libya there were direct impacts of the instability since there was a high unemployment rate in Malta since they citizens felt that they had a occupation insecurity.

Harmonizing to the job treatment the undermentioned research inquiries has been developed:What are the challenges that Medilink International might meet whilst deploying assorted medical or services in Libya?


Although this survey is careful prepared, I am still cognizant of its restrictions and defect.

  • First restrictions would be, since this survey is based on a instance study the figure of interviews and questionnaires that I will administer will be little and it might that non everyone will complete on clip to make full in my questionnaires.
  • The possibility of the respondents can besides be biased.
  • Sometimes the company may non desire to give accurate information.
  • The study is to be distributed in a limited span of clip.

Boundary lines

  • Furthermore since this thesis is about Libya I can non make interviews with the direction that work in the clinic.

Significance of the Study ( Stakeholders? ? ? ? ? )

The significance of this survey is to analyze cultural differences between Medilink International Malta with Medilinic Clinic in Libya. In placing these challenges between the states the ends is to seek to construct a model of the Maltese civilization and the Libyan civilization ( on the footing of interviews and questionnaire ) . Furthermore, to specify which differences will be the most debatable to Medilink International in Malta. The aim is to fix a set of recommendations to Medilink International about the cultural barriers that they are holding.

Organization of the survey

This proposal is categorized into five chapters, in which this proposal will get down explicating the background of the survey and so the background is narrowed down to job analysis. In chapter two I have chosen different hypothesis that these are chiefly based on the research inquiry and are about the cultural barriers that companies might happen when they have an international concerns and have to cover with different people. In chapter three there is the research methodological analysis that this include the qualitative research, interviews, the informations aggregation, and the information analysis. Chapter four will include the findings, what I have found out from the interviews with the Malta Head Office squad, particularly the Chief executive officer, the general director, the medical services director, the enlisting executive and the international procurance executive. This chapter will besides include the questionnaires that these will be distributed on-line by doing usage of ‘off-the-shelve’ package like Survey Monkey. Chapter five is the last chapter and this chapter will be dedicated to the jobs, recommendations and restrictions in order to function as an assistance for the hereafter to better the cultural barriers for Medilink International.


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