You always hear about how much one’s life changes after High School. My Mom and Dad would not hesitate to remind me how much I was going to miss it once I graduated but it was only until it was actually happening to me that I believed them. All through Grade school the biggest challenges that you faced was who you were going to sit with you at the lunch table or what cute boy stared at you in the hallway, never really having to worry about much of anything else. I graduated around a year ago this month and within this past year I have encountered many changes throughout my life.

I moved away from home for the first time to college and I realized a couple things while I was there. I was making this huge mistake being away from home, I had the feeling of loneliness because all my old friends had made new ones, and I was hungry due to the fact that I was completely broke. First, I realized I had made a mistake moving away from home. During my Grade School years I would hate to stay at home, especially while I was in High School. It wasn’t “cool” to stay at home on the weekends with your family while all your friends went out.

It was one of those things that you Just took for granted, the free meals and the loving welcomes you would receive when you got home (most of the time). It wasn’t until my first semester of college that I realized how truly blessed I was to have a home such as I did. In the fall of my freshman year I attended East Tennessee State University. All my closest friends were going there as well so I knew it wouldn’t be that bad, at least I had friends, right? As I walked in to Governors Hall dorms it immediately felt as if I was in a Hotel.

I walked up to tell them my name and they eave me my room number and walked my roommate and me to our new “home”. The lady was cold and bitter and didn’t seem like what she was doing was worth her time in any way. She gave us a little tour and then handed us our welcome packets. That was it, she didn’t ask our names, ask us why we were there, where we came from, nothing. I’m typically an easy person to talk to and I was eager that day to make as many new friends as possible but for some reason this woman was not willing to become anything more than a tour guide.

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I had made a mistake, which was my first realization. My second realization was that it was a lonely place for me. You always hear about college and how cool everyone is; that you will make most of your lifelong friends there and those years will be the greatest years of your life. I started to question those assumptions more and more as I grew into that school. All of my friends that I came down with were beginning to find their places and who they were there. I watched them change from the innocent friend to the one I had to go bail out when they were in trouble.

They all looked for boyfriends, girlfriends, and social gatherings. But for some reason I was stuck in this trance of what I thought college as supposed to be like and not living in what it really was. I stayed in my room most of the time because my old friends had made new ones. I had the few new friends that would come over occasionally and work on homework or watch a movie but generally everything we did was held in my dorm room. My roommate started to realize how different I was compared to how I used to be in high school.. I wasn’t two hours away with nearly no one. I was lonely, that was my second realization.

My third and last realization was that I was hungry due to the fact that I was completely broke. We began to eat out nearly all the time because the food in the cafeteria was literally Just cafeteria food; it reeked of pizza and old pasta. I was beginning to run out of money and it was happening fast. At home I never had to go buy my own dinner because I was with my family most school nights and mom would either fix something or we would go as a family to eat out, I never had to pay for it. East Tennessee was in a big city as well which made it pretty easy to find a different place to eat each night without having to repeat dinners every day.

I would dread the day hat I had to check my bank account because it was nearly empty every time. I knew I didn’t need to ask my parent for more money since they supported me in nearly everything that I did financially. It was tough for them and that made it tough for me. That was when I realized I was hungry and broke and needed to move back home. Going to a big university was a good experience for me because it taught me how to live alone and how to support myself but it was also sad, I began to change from who I was to some sort of other person who I can’t even began to describe.

She wasn’t the pappy go lucky Sarah that everyone knew. Friendships from the past grew into merely nothing and things began to change at home. I was ready to do what was right for me and go home where I was most happy, after my first semester of college I moved back home with my family and began to become myself again. All of the changes from being home to college, to having money to being broke, and then from having friends and family to having a few friends and a family that was far away turned out to be Just what I needed in order to bring me to exactly where I needed to be, and I’m thankful for that.

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