Designing Human Resource Management Systems provides a framework for signing and implementing Human Resource Management (HARM) systems in various kinds of organizations, even those with limited resources – defines the role of HER. It is intended for leaders, decision makers, senior managers, HER practitioners, and consultants wishing to innovate, structure, and implement HARM systems in organizations. Design of Human Resource management defines the role of HER. In 21st Century , the whole process has got modernized. Good companies do follow it ( I. E. Informs) , developing companies like prudent group where I did my SIP, try to follow it.

And, those companies who don’t even bother to change their HER systems with the change in the environment and don’t try to redefine the role of HER within the organization as per change in the environment, generally go on diminishing track. It is so as any company has its biggest asset ‘e its Human capital. And, to manage it effectively, effective HER system has to be there. As Human capital is dynamic entity which changes with the change in the environment around it, the system which handles it ii HER system has to evolve time to time within the organization and for that Role of HER has to re-define whenever it is necessary.

HER at prudent somehow lacks that dynamism which I would like to explain further in the following points. At Prudent, * HER is mainly involved in transactional kind of work like payroll management, the mechanical side of performance appraisal etc. * The strategic role of human capital itself is not financial capital, technology, marketing, new product development and other ‘hard’ areas. * HER Professionals do not have a close work relationship with other functions. * HER professionals do not have a good understanding of business.

The corporate HER influence in the global organization of the twenty-first entry is envisioned to take a form of specific political venues with strategic ramifications which is not present at Prudent Group functioning. These venues of the symbolic political power of corporate HER provide various opportunities for the corporate HER to socially construct its global strategic relevance as a subsidiary resource, as such a thing is not present at prudent group it somewhere lacks the opportunity to grow. HER view at Prudent group is very very limited.

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To elicit homogeneities of best practices in the global organization while preserving the specific capabilities and responsiveness of individual subsidiaries, HER as to have some specific powers whereas powers are not given to HER at Prudent. HER is more so follower kind of a department and has no decision making capability in the company. Succession planning is far away from Prudence’s work culture. When an employee leaves the organization, nobody is there to replace his position for long. If the company wants to achieve highest business, then they should more focus in designing a variety of employee extra reward systems.

They should pay high for best talent we need to check with the Human talent, availability, their morale and many hinges which ultimately leads to goal achievement that HER involvement in defining business strategies is very important because ultimately HER is going to manage the Human Resources If HER is not aware of the business goals and strategies then how come HER can plan and Execute Over-all employees of the company are a little ids-satisfied due to salary standards and work pressure accordance. Due to low Budget, staff compatibility is low due to lack of skill. T&D could have been extensive.

HER of the company could have brought motivation level of the employees higher which has not been done yet. Due to lack of motivation, employee attrition rate is higher. HER has failed to work for staff stability factor too. Moreover, HER department of the company is Just for the sake only. HER has not given that strong position to take decision. HER of the company must have powers and must not only follow the top management. There is a scope for Employee-engagement activity and T & D to be more extensive. Practices of many Macs go beyond global management staffing toward global employee involvement.

For example, Chemical sat rated developing its specific global HARM system, branded as ‘People Success’, in 1992. DOD installed 35,000 global workstations that gave all employees across the globe open access to the same databases. This system, which supports Do’s business strategy implemented through a global network structure, provides to all employees opportunities governed by the same principles and values. As now Do’s world-wide-spread employees have greater freedom to plan and control their careers, the primary responsibility for personal development is shifted to employees by the global HARM system.

At DOD, people have opportunities to enhance and develop various acquiring, applying, leveraging, and visioning competencies over time. The identified eight global competencies (I. E. In addition to specific competencies for the function) include initiative, innovation, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership, learning, market focus, teamwork, and value creation. As a result, Do’s global HARM system has moved to a competency platform. The most important feature of Do’s global HARM competency platform is its open access nature to previously confidential information/knowledge.

This increased global relational in knowledge sharing forces managers to focus on leadership within the multiple contingencies of the global HARM system. If the whole case is compared with Prudent, Prudent is not the International company but the company spread across the nation. At Prudent, the management is task centric’ and not the ’employee centric’. They even pay less than the expectation of the employees. People are dissatisfied with the company. Over all competency level of the employees are low. There is a very weak knowledge base among the employees.

The company doesn’t go for Training and Development Programmed as for the cost cutting in budget. Salaries are less hence employees are dissatisfied. Over all culture at the company is very raw. People talk harsh and random. Professionalism is very low. At Prudent, to enhance the strategic flexibility of the corporate, the committing yet flexible influence of corporate HER in a global network organization depends upon the development of a global HER leadership system. This HER system allows for integration and localization of new aspects of HER management process.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, for the traditional SHIRR structure to permit the opportunity and effectiveness requirements for distributed global leadership in a global network organization. Therefore, the development of a new role portfolio for he corporate HER function is critical for the distributed global leadership to flourish in global organizations of the twenty-first century. There are certain positive points at Prudent HER which gives positive sign to align it with the HER of the 21st Century : * At Prudent People communicate openly which is definitely a good sign for growth. Atmosphere is friendly Upton certain extent. * Certain people are workaholic * Employees feel own-news about the company. * HER department is on developing stage * HER eastward is commendable * HER – desk makes the routine HER – work easy Birthday wishes to the employees make the employee feel good about it. Celebrations happen at organization. * Employees are friendly among * Small There are certain negative points at Prudent HER which gives a sign that it is far behind than today’s HER systems: * Things are little UN-organized at HER department.

No proper arrangements of the document. Desk is always decked with so much of material which could have been kept properly. Papers are not properly filed. Things are little clumsy at working area. * It is good that employees are friendly among but at time over-friendly behavior is not good at work-place * Maturity among employees is missing. HER department is on pre-mature stage, not fully developed. * No direct powers given to HER department * People involved in HER department are either quite gullible or quite assertive.

Assertive HER-employees mostly end up making heavy discussion with employees on minuscule topics. Gullible don’t put up their suggestions even when the things go * HER is not decisive rather has not given any decisive power by the company wrong. * Current HER team is not having capability to motivate people * After analyzing their practices, we could get that the HER takes orders from senior management and is at very primitive stage. HER is confined to Conducting Interviews and managing Payroll * Apart from that there is no encouragement from management side to participate in decision making.

Management should involve HER more into integration of HER practices with Organizational Goals * whatever business strategies they make in weekly and monthly meetings, they never involve HER, If plans strategies are shared HER can always perform better * Employee at prudent are raw. No efforts from HER is made to keep office environment little polished. People quarrel and shout upon each other almost everyday for minuscule thing I. E. On deciding whether AC should be on r not. Weak recruitment policy * lack of staff competency * lack of staff quality evaluation * no proper performance reviews * employee do’s-satisfaction due to salary structure * lack of motivation among the staff members To summarize, Prudent Group HER is not able to go hand in hand with the scenario of HARM in 21st century. The HER department is Just for the sake and not having decisive powers. If powers are given to HER, HER is involved in the company’s strategic decisions, Companies HER system can shake hands with the HER system of 21st century. That’s how the role of HER would change and system would become more modernized.


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