Write a one-page essay explicating the procedure for altering the Constitution. What is the difference between formal amendments and informal amendments? Why are these patterns so of import and how have they contributed to the Constitution’s ability to last for so long? Point value: 25 points

Rating Rubric:
Essay is at least one full page in length – 10 points
Essay clearly and factually explains the reply to each inquiry asked – 15 points.

A “Formal amendment” is one that really adds to or alter the US fundamental law. It is approved by the provinces and becomes jurisprudence. An “informal amendment” is a alteration to the significance or reading of the Constitution of the united provinces. There is no existent informal manner to alter the fundamental law. and its non existent alteration to the diction of the fundamental law ; instead its the manner we preceive the Constitution that alterations. One that comes to mind is the equal rights amendment ( 1972 ) which prohibits the inequality of work forces and adult females. Oppositions say that the amendment is no longer needed. as the issues are already Torahs.

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