Which of the following statements is most correct regarding the origins of geography?
C) Humans have practiced geography at least since the time of ancient Greek civilization
Scale is
D) the relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape
1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale ?
E) fractional scale
If the scale of a map is 1:100,000, then 1 centimeter on the map represents______ on Earth’s surface.
A) 1 kilometer
What elements of study do human and physical geography have in common?
B) They are concerned with where things occur and why they occur where they do
Which map would have the largest scale?
C) city
A system for transferring locations from a globe to a flat map is
E) projection
Driving around to gather information for street navigation devices is called
A) ground truthing
Distortion is especially severe on
B) Small scale maps
The acquisition of data about Earth’s surface from a satellite orbiting the planet or from another long-distance method is
C) remote sensing
A computer system that stores, organizes, retrieves, analyzes, and displays geographic data is
Global Positioning Systems reference what type of location?
C) mathematical
Which of the following is a fundamental element of culture?
D) all of the above
The first person to use the word geography was
B) Eratosthenes
The science of making maps is
B) Cartography
To geographers, the spread of McDonald’s around the world represents
D) economical and cultural globalization
The name given to a portion of Earth’s surface is known as
D) toponym
Situation identifies a place by its
A) Location relative to other objects
Site identifies a place by its
D) unique physical characteristics
New York City’s _______ is approximately 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia and 100 miles southwest of Boston
C) situation
You are given the coordinates 128 E longitude, 45 N latitude. This is an example of
A) mathematical location
Which is true?
B) Every Meridian is the same length and has the same beginning and end
A ship’s position is given 0 degrees latitude and 27 degrees west longitude. We can conclude from this information that the ship is located
A) on the equator
Greenwich Mean Time is measured from
B) 0 degrees longitude
The International Date Line is measured approximately from
D) 180 degrees longitude
The township and range system
A) resulted in a grid-like pattern for much of the present-day land use in the United States
The U.S. Land Ordinance of 1785 divided much of the country into a system of
E) all of the above
Holland converted the Zuider Zee into a fresh water lake by using
C) dikes
The concept that the distribution of one phenomenon is related to the location of another phenomenon is
D) spatial distribution
The arrangement of a phenomenon across Earth’s surface is
D) Distribution
An area distinguished by one or more unique characteristics is a
C) region
The South is established as a vernacular region of the United States by
E) all of the above
Which is not an example of a functional region?
D) the area dominated by a particular crop
The division of the United States into nine regions by the Census Bureau is an example of a
D) formal region
The state of Texas is BEST considered a formal region because
B) the same state laws apply everywhere in the region
Moving toward the Southern border of the United States, English becomes less common and Spanish is more often spoken. What type of region does this gradual change of language reflect?
B) functional
Culture means to
E) Both A and B
According to environmental determinism,
A) the physical environmental causes social development
The concept of that the physical environment limits humans actions, but that people have the ability to adjust to the physical environment is
C) possibilism
The study of how humans and the environment interact is called
B) cultural ecology
Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the United States is an interesting geographic case study because
A) its effects are an intersection of human and physical geography
The barrier islands of Florida are
D) A and B
Re-channeling the Kissimmee River in Florida produced an increase of which of the following adverse environmental impacts?
E) A, B, and C
Which of the following best describes the idea of a cultural landscape?
C) A landscape where human activity has modified the natural environment in any way
Examining maps of cancer death rates at different scales reveals that
B) a region with an overall low cancer death rate may have some areas with high cancer death rates
The frequency of something within a given unit of area is
B) density
The spread of something over a given study area is
A) concentration
The spatial distribution created by the U.S. Land Ordinance of 1785 is an example of
E) pattern
The population of the United States is approximately 300 million, and the land area is approximately 9 million square kilometers. The arithmetic density of the United States is approximately
B) 30 persons per square kilometer
A hearth is
A) a region from which a phenomenon originates
Which is a form of expansion diffusion?
D) all of the above
The historic diffusion of HIV/AIDS in the United States is an example of which type of diffusion?
C) relocation
The diffusion of HIV/AIDS prevention methods and treatments in the United States is an example of which type of diffusion?
A) contagious
Economic development through international trade is an example of which type of diffusion?
C) relocation
Elements of globalization of culture include all but
D) maintaining local traditions
The global movement of money has been enhanced primarily by
B) improvements in electronic communications
Which is not a common practice of transnational corporations ?
A) relocate command centers from more developed countries
Globalization of the economy has
B) heightened economic differences among places

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