which type of nerve fibers make up the autonomic nervous system
sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers
where do sympathetic preganglionic fibers synapse
sympathetic trunk and collateral ganglia
where are the cell bodies of somatic motor neurons located
ventral horn of spinal cord
which region of the spinal cord does not contain any autonomic neurons
parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is characterized by
localized effects on specific organs and short postgaglionic axons near organ of innervation
general visceral motor systems of the ANS differs from the general somatic motor system
motor units in the ANS include a chain of two motor neurons
divisions of the ANS
they innervate many of the same visceral organs
the ANS is the system of ____neurons that regulates such functions as _____
motor/HR, digestion, BP
postganglionic sympathic fibers to sweat glands and peripheral blood vessels secrete
the general visceral motor division of the peripheral nervous system describes the
cell body of this autonomic neuron lies outside the CNS
post-ganglionic neuron
cell body of this autonomic neuron lies within the CNS
pre-ganglionic neuron
division that is dominant during exercise excitement, emergenices
which of these is not innervated by the ANS
skeletal muscle
another name for the ANS is the
general visceral motor system
the trunk ganglia contain what kind of cell bodies
postganglionic sympathetic
cell bodies of the repganglionic sympathetic neurons are located within the
lateral gray horns of the spinal cord
which autonomic division increases HR
preganglionic fibers are myelinated, whereas postganglionic-fibers are unmyelinated
which cranial nerve carries parasympathetic innervation to the thoracic abdominal viscera
division of the ANS most active during vigorous exercise describes the
division of the ANS responsible for the fight or flight
division of ANS most active when the body is at rest describes the
this division can also be called the craniosacral division
division that is dominant during rest digestion exertion
which division of the autonomic nervous system has preganglionic fibers within the facial nerve
all of the following have only sympathetic innervation except the
salivary gland
which of the following cranial nerves does not supply parasympathetic fibers tot he head
parasympathetic is characterized by
peripheral ganglia near the organs, short postganglionic fibers
the site of origin of the preganglionic fibers of the parasympatheticnervous system
brain stem, sacral region of the cord
cranial parasympathetic outflow is contained in all of the following cranial nerves except the
in which autonomic division do nerve cell bodies like closest to the organs being innervated
parasympathetic postgaglionic fibers of the head trail within the
trigeminal nerve
sympathetic fibers leave the spinal cord in the
thorasolumbar region, and the postganglionic fibers secrete norepinephrine
over 90% of all preganglionic parasympathetic fibers are in the cranial nerve
what is the effect of parasympathetic stimulation of respiratory bronchioles in the lungs
parasympathetic stimulation of blood vessels causes vasoconstriction and increased BP
postganglionic sympathetic fibers are relatively long compared to those of the parasympathetic division can be distinguished by the amount of branching of the post-ganglionic fibers
adrenal medulla
pregagnlionic sympathetic axons terminate in the adrenal medulla and stimulate the release of epinephrine and nonrepinephrine
sympathetic innervation to the head follows which pathway
if you were very nervous about speaking in front of a group, what would most likely happen
dry mouth
what is the role of the gray rami communicates
they are the postganglionic sympathetic axons that direct impulse to intended peripheral organs
the sympathetic pathways to the extremities, direct impulses to which of these structures/tissues
arrector pilli muscles and sweat glands
short nerve branches that connect the ventral rami of spinal nerves to the sympathetic ganglia
rami communicates
ganglia os this structure are connected to the ventral rami of spinal nerves through rami communicates
sympathetic trunk
which division of the ANS innervate the sweat glands in the skin
the gray and white rami communicants attach to the
ventral rami
what stimulates the adrenal medulla to secrete its excitatory neurohormones
preganglionic sympathetic neurons
cell bodies of preganglionic sympathetic neurons are located within the
lateral horns of the gray matter of the spinal cord
identify the pathway that correctly traces the movement of preganglionic sympathetic fibers
ventral root to white famous communicants to sympathetic trunk ganglion
the secretions tot the adrenal medulla act to supplement the effects of
sympathetic stimulation
where would you not find an autonomic ganglion
the armpit
sympathetic trunk ganglia contain the cell bodies of sensory neurons and are located in the dorsal root of the spinal cord
referred pain from the small intestines would be felt in the ___whereas referred pain from the liver would be felt in the ____
umbilical region / superior right thoracic region and superior right quadrant
control of temp, autonomic nervous reflexes, of hunger, and of sleep are function associated with the
the part of the brain that exerts more control over autonomic functioning than any other part if the
the overall integrating center for the ANS
stimulation of the vagus nerve in the barorecptor reflex causes
decreased HR
the enteric nervous system functions
entirely within the wall of the digestive tube
what influence does the cerebral cortex have on the ANS
voluntary sympathetic activation occurs when the cerebral cortex acts on the amygdala when one remembers a scary event
which region of CNS integrates the activities of the ANS

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