Which of the following is true regarding stress and lives of college students?
C. in maybe one of the most stressful periods in ones life
Stress refers to?
B. Situations that can trigger physical and emotional reactions
Situations that trigger physical and emotional reactions are termed?
B. Stressors
What’s a stressor?
A. Bad grade
What’s responsible for your body’s physical response to stressors?
B. Nervous and endocrine
The autonomic nervous system directly controls all EXCEPT..
C. Ability to write
The parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system..
D. Aid in digestion and promoting growth
System of glands, tissues, and cells that help control body functions by releasing hormones is?
B. Endocrine System
During the stress response, the human adrenal glands release…
B. Epinephrine
During stress response, which does NOT occur as a result of epinephrine being released?
B. Your air passages constrict and allow less air into Lungs
Body reaction is characteristic of the stress response..
B. Blood pressure increase
All are true regarding fight to flight reaction EXCEPT?
A. It is a relatively new human reaction
C. Is a state of normal “House keeping” functions
Sum of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional tendencies refers to one’s…
A. personality
Which statement about people with hardy personalities is false?
C. They tend to believe their lives are controlled by outside factors
The way in which an individual responds to stress is influenced by?
E. b.p.c.p. ALL
According to the American psychological Association, the percentage of adults Americans who suffer from stress related Health problems is between?
A.40-50 percent
GAS it Is an acronym for?
C. General adaption syndrome
A. is stress that is triggered by something pleasant
Mohammed just received an F on his term paper. Which type of stress is he likely to experience?
C. distress
Which of the following has been linked to a high allostatic load?
E. o.h.r.o. ALL
Psychneuroimmunology is the study of the interaction among all the following systems, EXCEPT the ______________ System?
D. Respiratory system
Stressed has been found to contribute to which is the following psychological problems?
E. d.p.s.e.d. ALL
The primary determinants of the health consequences of stress is?
D. how individual responds to stress
According to your text, which of the following are common sources of stress for most college students?
A. academics and time management

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