Which of these galaxies is most likely to be the oldest?
a galaxy in the local group
Which of these galaxies would you most likely find at the center of a larger cluster of galaxies?
a large elliptical galaxy
In which of these galaxies would you be least likely to find an ionization nebula heated by hot young stars
a large elliptical galaxy
How many galaxies are there in a typical cluster of galaxies
a few hundred
We determine the distance of a Cephed by
determining its luminosity from the period-luminosity relation and then applying the inverse square law for light
Which kind of object is the best standard candle for measuring distances to extremely distant galaxies
A white dwarf supernova
When ultraviolet light from hot stars in very distant galaxies finally reaches us, it arrives at Earth in the form of
visible light
Why do virtually all the galaxies in the universe appear to be moving away from our own?
Observers in all galaxies observe a similar phenomenon because of the universes expansion
if you observed the redshifts of galaxies at a given distance to be twice as large as they are now then you would determine a value for Hubble’s constant that is
twice as large as its current value

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