Which of the following are part of the ecosystem of Vermont’s maple sugar?providing region?
maple trees
b. the soil
c. the temperature
d. the air
Which of the following statements is not a characteristic or effect of climate change?
Global warming is the only type of climate change.
Temperature is an important physical feature of an ecosystem. Which option below shows a correct, direct relationship between temperature and organisms in an environment?
Arctic temperatures are increasing; the red fox is expanding its habitat to compete with the Arctic fox.
Which of the following are consequences of Arctic ice melting due to global warming?
Arctic animals are losing suitable habitat.
b. Polar bears are in poorer condition and their weight has decreased over the last 30 years.
c. More solar radiation is being absorbed by the ocean.
d. The temperature is increasing in the Arctic at an accelerated rate.
Why are the extinctions of 1,103 organisms predicted to occur due to global warming?
This number represents organisms that will be unable to move to more suitable habitats when global warming causes their current habitats to become unsuitable.
Which of these are examples of the effects of rising temperatures?
Plants are blooming earlier in the year.
Which of the following properly states the relationship between global temperature and global CO2 levels?
In the past 140 years, the temperature has increased rapidly, along with rises in carbon dioxide levels.
The relationship between global warming and greenhouse gases is
the more greenhouse gases, the greater amount of heat trapped from Earth’s surface
Human actions have altered the global carbon cycle by
decreasing the number of photosynthetic organisms
b. cutting down large numbers of trees
c. inventing the internal combustion engine and burning fossil fuels
d. developing and using drilling and mining methods that allow access to previously inaccessible fossil fuel deposits
The flow of carbon in an ecosystem is similar to the flow of energy in an ecosystem. TRUE or FALSE?
False; carbon cycles and energy flows in a direction through the ecosystem.
Which of these would need to be accounted for in a carbon footprint?
fossil fuel use
The carbon cycle is the movement of carbon atoms via natural processes such as
decomposition, photosynthesis, respiration
Slash-and-burn agriculture affects global warming by
removing photosynthetic organisms from the environment, thereby increasing CO2 in the environment
How do scientists measure changes in the levels of global atmospheric CO2?
They take ice core samples that allow measurement of CO2 over hundreds of thousands of years.
. A television show about conspiracy theories is discussing global warming, claiming it is a myth that CO2 levels have risen over the last 1,000 years. Which evidence would be most useful to use in educating the producers to convince them that global warming is not a myth?
ice cores

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