Which of the following statements about species, as defined by the biological species concept, is (are) correct?
I. Biological species are defined by reproductive isolation.
II. Biological species are the model used for grouping extinct forms of life.
III. The biological species is the largest unit of population in which successful reproduction is possible.
I and III
Which of the various species concepts distinguishes two species based on the degree of genetic exchange between their gene pools?
A defining characteristic of allopatric speciation is
geographic isolation.
What is genetic drift?
A change in allele frequencies caused by random events
Why are the large finches now living on the Galapagos Islands different from the original source population from a nearby island?
Natural selection favored individuals that were more fit in the new environment.

Genetic drift occurred in the two populations.

The separation of habitats reduced gene flow between the populations.

True or false? The last ice age produced many different species mainly because populations dispersed and colonized new habitats.
Which of the following statements about reinforcement is true?
Reinforcement is a type of natural selection.
A subset of a population of birds leaves its habitat on the mainland and colonizes a nearby island. The birds, after a period of time, become reproductively isolated. The island sinks and the population of birds that lived on the island returns to its original habitat. Which of the following statements about these bird populations is true?
The populations will not be able to interbreed because they are different species.
A population of birds colonizes an area in which the insects upon which they feed live inside trees. Which of the following events accounts for an observed increase in average beak size in the bird population over time?
Increased fitness of large-beaked birds, leading to natural selection
True or false? A flood that separates a population of frogs onto opposite sides of a lake is an example of a vicariance event that may result in allopatric speciation.

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