The unit of measurement in an ecological footprint is the
global hectare
The rapid growth of the human population is a concern because
if we continue to grow, the population will exceed Earth’s biocapacity
Which of the following would lead to the highest ecological footprint?
a country with a high per capita footprint and high population size.
The largest demand in the global ecological footprint is caused by our
energy needs
Human population growth contributes to extinction in which way(s)?
habitat destruction
b. agriculture practices that alter land use
Fossil fuels formed naturally on Earth. Why aren’t they thought of as renewable resources?
Fossil fuels take such a long time to form naturally
A _______ resource is one that is gone for good once it is depleted.
Which of these is a renewable resource?
Although water is considered a renewable resource, what is a reason why it might be more like a nonrenewable resource?
Water can be used up faster than it can be returned in the water cycle.
c. Water can be polluted, depleting the supply of fresh water.
What are some potential results of living more sustainably?
Sustainable technologies, such as solar panels, can help businesses save on energy costs.
b. Sustainable building can cost more in the short term, but can lead to energy savings in the long term.
c. The amount of pollutants released from burning fossil fuels could be reduced.
d. Considering sustainability can help balance the economic, ecological, and social impacts of development.
. Which of the following is not a description of sustainability?
Sustainability is a concept that only applies to the actions of tree huggers or environmentalists.
Imagine that every person on Earth had an ecological footprint the size of an average Haitian person’s ecological footprint. Which of the following is a potential result?
Our effect on Earth’s resources would be at a much more sustainable level than it is currently.
In addition to using _______ resources, we can live more ____________by reducing water use, eating less meat, recycling, and driving less.
renewable; sustainably
Even if people want to use sustainable energy sources and technologies, several barriers that can limit their use. Which of the following is not a potential barrier to more widespread use of sustainable development practices or technologies?
Sustainable energy can be much more expensive to produce than nonrenewable options.
b. Construction and use of sustainable energy technologies can use hazardous chemicals or generate hazardous wastes that need to be carefully disposed of to avoid polluting the environment.
c. Construction of sustainable energy production facilities can destroy habitat.
d. The technology for energy production and harvesting from some sustainable sources still needs to be optimized.

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