Which of the following statements about deuterostomes is false?
All deuterostomes exhibit radial symmetry in their bodies.
Which structure is not an innovation that occurred during vertebrate diversification?
True or false? An organism that is radially symmetric has many well-developed head regions.
Which characteristic distinguishes echinoderms from the other two deuterostome lineages?
Their body plan
Which of the following statements about vertebrates is true?
The development of an amniotic egg and internal fertilization allowed vertebrates to reproduce away from water.
Which characteristics define a chordate?
The presence of four specific morphological traits
Which structure can be used for feeding and gas exchange?
Pharyngeal gill slit
Which statement about deuterostomes is correct?
Deuterostomes share key features of embryonic development.
Which characteristic is common to all animals in the deuterostome lineage?
All deuterostomes have a mesoderm-lined coelom.
Which trait is a diagnostic feature of echinoderms?
Water vascular system
What defines a chordate?
Presence of a notochord
Which of the following statements about bone found in early vertebrates is correct?
The bone in early vertebrates formed a protective exoskeleton.
Which structure represents a key innovation that arose during vertebrate diversification?
Amniotic egg
Which of the following statements best represents evidence supporting the leading hypothesis regarding the evolution of jaws in vertebrates?
Both jaws and gill supports are derived from the same type of specialized embryonic cells.
Which of the following statements about tetrapod limbs is true?
The expression patterns of regulatory developmental proteins have given information about the evolution of the tetrapod limb.
Amniotic eggs have four membranes. Which membrane is correctly matched with its function?
The allantois contains nitrogenous waste.
How do viviparity and the placenta affect mammalian reproduction?
Placental mammals produce small numbers of large offspring.
What organism would possess these structures: a ring of nerve cells around the mouth, a series of fluid-filled canals, and tube feet?
Adult echinoderm
Which two features are possessed by all vertebrates at some point in their life?
Tail and cranium
Which vertebrates lack jaws?
What is a unique feature of marsupial reproduction?
Marsupial young spend more time developing outside the mother’s body than inside.
Which of the following statements about reptiles is true?
Reptile skin is made watertight by a layer of scales made of keratin.
What is the name given to the group of species on the branch leading to contemporary humans?
Which of the following statements is a component of the out-of-Africa hypothesis?
The first Homo sapiens fossils appear in East African rocks from 195,000 years ago. Homo sapiens fossils are found throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia in rocks dated between 60,000 and 30,000 years ago.
Which of the following deuterostomes is most likely to be found in nature?
An ectotherm that has a swim bladder and protrusible jaws and carries out external fertilization
An owner of a small zoo houses a lemur, some gibbons, and two chimpanzees. What behavior or trait would zoo visitors likely see exhibited by all of these animals as well as by the zookeeper?
Socializing with peers

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