The two major manufacturers of processors are Intel and NVIDIA. T/F
False (Intel and AMD)
Multiple processors can be installed in a single processor housing. T/F
When installing a processor, you must line up the red circle on the processor with the right-angle mark on the motherboard. T/F
False (gold triangle)
After installing the processor, if the system begins the boot process and suddenly turns off before completing the boot, the processor is most likely overheating. T/F
Today’s DIMMs use a 64-bit data path. T/F
What is the general name of the processor feature that AMD calls HyperTransport?
What type of processor memory is located on the processor chip (processor die)?
Level 1 cache
What Intel processor technology interconnects the processor, chipset, and wireless network adapter as a unit, improving laptop performance?
A processor housing that contains more than one processor is referred to as what term?
multicore processor
What is the most likely result of a correctly installed processor, but an incorrectly installed cooler?
boot process begins, but system suddenly turns off after a short period
What type of RAM is typically installed onto a motherboard and loses data rapidly, requiring it to be refreshed often?
Which type of memory can support quad, triple, and dual channels?
240-pin DDR3 DIMM
Which statement is true regarding DIMM technologies?

-the S in SDRAM stands for static
-DDR3 is backward compatible with DDR2
-SDRAM runs synchronized with the system clock
-DDR2 uses 184 pins

SDRAM runs synchronized with the system clock
What is the transfer rate of a 64-bit module running at 1600 MHz?
12800 MB/second
DIMMs used in servers can provide additional reliability if they use what specific technology?
What can a DIMM use to hold data and amplify a signal just before the data is written to the module?
What technology in a DIMM informs the BIOS of the module’s size, speed, voltage, and data path width?
Hybrid processors that can process 32 bits or 64 bits are known by what term?
x86-64 processors
When populating a motherboard with DIMM modules, what configuration option will not work?
mixing unbuffered with registered
What component of a processor handles all logical comparisons and calculations inside the processor?
Arithmetic logic units (ALU)
What component of a processor holds instructions waiting to be processed by the ALU?
internal memory cache
Where can the Execute Disable Bit (EDB) technology be disabled?
In the BIOS / UEFI setup screen
Which of the following is NOT the name of a current family of Intel processors?


A DDR4 DIMM with a PC rating of PC4-17000 is running at what speed?
2133 MHz
A DDR4 DIMM running at a speed of 2666 MHz has what PC rating?
What two technologies below are hybrid processors that can handle 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems natively?


Modern desktop motherboards and laptop motherboards all utilize what what two types of DRAM respectively?
What two different DIMM technologies below can be used in a quad channel configuration?
What are the two different ways of measuring access timing for memory?
-RAS Latency
-CAS Latency
What are the two names used by Intel and AMD respectively that refer to the Execute Disable Bit (EDB) technology?
-eXecute Disable XD by Intel
-Enhanced Virus Protection by AMD

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