What are the primary problems with keyboards?
1 of every 88 keystrokes is an error, carpal tunnel syndrome,
What are the primary problems with wireless keyboards?
battery issues. You must replace them and are considered hazardous waste
two categories of printers
impact and non-impact
_______ printers have a mechanical device that presses against the paper
examples of impact printers
typewriter, daisywheel, plotter, chain
examples of non-impact printers
laser, inkjet, heat transfer
what CANT non-impact printers do?
print multi ply forms
the most important characteristic of a monitor is its ______. _____ refers to the quality and sharpness of the displayed images. it is a function of several monitor features including resolution, dot pitch, contrast ratio, size, and aspect ratio
images are formed on a monitor by a series of dots or pixels. _________ is expressed as a matrix of these dots or pixels. the higher the clearer the image
is the distance between each pixel for resolution. measured in MM. THE LOWER the CLEARER the images produced *0.30 mm*
dot (pixel) pitch
indicates a monitor’s ability to display images. It compares the light intensity of the brightest white to the darkest black. THE HIGHER THE BETTER. between *500:1 and 2000:1*
contrast ratio
is measured by the diagonal length of a monitor’s viewing area common sizes: *15, 17,19,21,24*
size or active display area
indicates the proportional relationship between a display’s width and height *16:9*
aspect ratio
widely used for older monitors and is typically less expensive
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
use similar technology to LCD with a more advanced back lighting technology.
benefits of LED (light emitting diode)
Better quality images, slimmer, more environmentally friendly because less power and fewer toxic chemicals to manufacture
replace the LED Monitor’s back lighting technology with a thing layer of organic compand that provides light. by eliminated the back light, these monitors can be thinner, more power efficient, and better contrast ratios.
produces images that reflect light like ordinary paper, making the display easy to read (e-books)
difference between e-book and tablets
LCD displays
translate information that has been processed by the system unit and present the information on paper, called hard copy.
_____ for a printer is similar to monitor. it is a measure of the clarity of images produced. HOWEVER printer resolution is measured in ____. the higher, the better
resolution DPI
printer speed is measured in the number of pages printed per minute. Typically, printer for personal use average ________ for color output.
13 to 15 pages per minute
allows automatic printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. not currently a standard feature for all printers
duplex printing
spray ink at high speed onto the surface of paper. produces high quality images in a variety of colors, making it ideal for printing *photos*
inkjet printer
uses technology similar to that used in a photocopying machine. use a laser light beam to produce images with excellent letter and graphics quality
laser printing

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