Managing Quality helps build successful strategies of
Differentiation, low cost and response
A successful quality strategy begins with
An organizational culture that fosters quality
Which of the following does not increase profit by improving quality?
Higher warranty costs
Which of the following could reduce costs and increase profit
Increased Productivity
The ability of a product or service to meet customer needs
Cost of Quality(COQ)
The cost of doing things wrong, prevention costs, appraised costs, internal failure costs, external failure costs
A Japanese character that symbolizes a broader dimension than quality, a deeper process than education, and a more perfect method than persistence
Six Sigma
A program to save time, improve quality and lower costs,
Selecting a demonstrated standard of performance that represents the very best performance for a process or an activity. Example would be to develop a target at which to shoot for and then develop a standard against which you compare your performance with.
Quality Circle
A group of employees meeting regularly with a facilitator to solve work-related problems in their work area
Target Oriented Quality
A philosophy of continuous improvement to bring a product exactly on target
The American Society for Quality defines quality as
the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.
Which of the following is the Japanese term used to describe continuous improvement? efforts?
To develop a standard or? benchmark, firms need to start with
determining what to benchmark.
The objective of a statistical process control? (SPC) system is to
provide a statistical signal when assignable causes of variation are present.
Which type of control chart should be used when it is possible to have more than one mistake per? item?
Process capability
means that the natural variation of the process must be small enough to produce products that meet the standard.
Which of the following statements is NOT true about the process capability? ratio?
A capable process has a process capability ratio less than one.
The two popular measures for quantitatively determining if a process is capable are
process capability ratio and process capability index.

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