The 2.5″ size drive is typically used in devices such as MP3 players.
The 80-conductor IDE cable has 80 pins and 40 wires.
False 40(pins), 80(wires)
Each IDE header on a motherboard can support up to two(2) IDE devices.
The read/write head on a magnetic hard drive is at both the top and bottom of each disk.
If you connect the floppy cable in the wrong direction, the floppy drive light stays on continuously.
Which process writes sector markings to a hard drive?
Low-level Formatting
Which SATA standard provides a transfer rate of 3 Gb/sec?
Which of the following is true about selecting a hard drive?
Magnetic Drives have large capacity for the money than solid state drives
Why would you use a round PATA ribbon cable instead of traditional flat cable?
Round cables obstruct airflow less inside the case
Which of the following is true about hardware RAID?
RAID controllers have their own BIOS
How is data stored on magnetic tape?
Which of the following best describes RAID 5?
It requires 3 or more drives and uses parity checking
Which of the following is true about disk drive interfaces?
PATA allows for two (2) connectors on a motherboard.
What does a twist in a 34-pin data cable mean?
It indicates drive A
Which of the following is NOT true about hard disk drives?
Solid state drives are less expensive than magnetic hard drives
Which type of cable is required by ATA/66 and above?
40 pin, 80 wires
Why is DMA a better transfer mode than PIO for PATA?
DMA data transfer don’t involve the CPU
Which of the following is true about SCSI drives?
SCSI ID 7 has a higher priority than SCSI ID 10
If you are adding a hard drive to a system that already has a drive with Windows installed on it, which of the following is true?
Boot Windows and use Disk Management to prepare the new drive
Which hard drive technology is used to predict when a drive is likely to fail?
A hybrid drive technology supported by Windows 7/Vista
F) Ready Drive
A RAID 0 Volume
I) Striped volume
A storage configuration in which data is duplicated on one drive to another drive
D) Mirrored volume
A chip that contains grids of rows and columns with two (2) transistors at each intersection that hold a zero(0) or one (1) bit
E) NAND flash memory
A standard for communication between a subsystem of peripheral device and the system bus
Uses two(2) hard drives to hold a single Windows volume; sometimes called JBOD
H) Spanning
The gateway from the SCSI bus to the system bus
C) Host adapter
A feature in startup BIOS that detects a new drive and selects the correct drive configuration
A) Autodetection
Used at each end of the SCSI chain
J) Termination resistor
A computer’s ability to respond to a hardware failure
B) Fault tolerance
What should you keep in mind when installing hard drives?
A PATA drive has master and slave settings
which is true about installing a PATA drive?
A motherboard can support up to four(4) EIDE devices
How much data does a 3.5″ floppy disk drive hold?
1.44 MB
Why might you want to use RAID 0 disk configuration?
To improve overall disk performance
Which interface is not typically used for an internal tape drive?
With , you can connect and disconnect a drive while the system is running
Hot swapping
A has no moving parts and is built using nonvolatile memory, which is similar to that used for USB flash drives
Solid State Drives/SSD
The top and bottom of each disk in a magnetic hard drive have a ________ that moves across the disk surface.
Read/Write head
To reduce the amount of ______ electrical on a SCSI cable, each end of the SCSI chain has a terminating resistor
Noise or interference
______access makes recovering files slow and inconvenient when using tape drives

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