Silent listening is defined as
listening attentively with nonverbal responses.
Recall is related to which component of hearing?
Which response style is associated with the “less reflective/more evaluative” end of the listening response continuum?
Which of the following is an analyzing response phrased in a tentative way?
Perhaps your teacher wants you to work harder
In committed relationships, listening to personal information in everyday conversation is considered an important ingredient of satisfaction.
When offering a supporting response it is important to
be sure your support is sincere.
be sure the speaker can accept your support.
Which of the following is not one of the five components of listening mentioned in your text?
All of the following are misconceptions about listening except
listening is a skill that can be taught.
It’s hard to talk to Kit because she never really seems to listen; she is just waiting for you to make a mistake and then she pounces. Kit is a(n)
The fact that we spend five or more hours a day listening contributes to
information overload
The difference between an empathizing response and a supporting response is
a supporting response is more evaluative and directive.
Evaluative responses have the best chance of being received when the person with the problem hasn’t requested an evaluation.
Empathizing requires both understanding of and agreement with another person’s message.
It’s hard to talk to Edie because she always seems to take things the wrong way and to try to support herself and her side of the story. Edie is a(n)
defensive listener.
Which is not an example of a counterfeit question?
questions that gather more facts and details
When offering an analyzing response it is important to
use tentative phrasing.
be reasonably sure you are correct.
be sure the other person will be receptive.
be sure your motive for offering an analysis is truly to help.
When approached with another’s problem, the most common reaction is advising.
Research on listening reveals that people only remember about half of what they hear immediately after hearing it.
A listening model that includes responding is a _________ model.
Why is “parrot-phrasing” not a good idea?
you sound foolish
you sound hard of hearing
you still might misunderstand
When listeners attempt to show solidarity with the people to whom they are listening, they are using which listening response style?
Fatigue is which barrier to listening?
Physiological factors do not contribute to listening since listening is a psychological process.
A major difference between effective and ineffective listening is the kind of feedback offered.
Researcher Ellen Langer uses the terms _________ and _________ to describe the way that we listen.
mindful, mindless
Silent listening is the best response to use when
you want the speaker to talk through their own solution.
The residual message is the
part of the message we remember
Most communicators accurately evaluate their ability to listen and understand others.
Reflecting a speaker’s thoughts, feelings, and wants is associated with which type of listening response?
Facilitative emotions hinder or prevent effective communication.
Naima doesn’t ever give her best friend Rita anything but positive feedback, even if it is not completely honest. She doesn’t want to hurt Rita’s feelings. Naima is using the fallacy of perfection.
Research on emotions in the workplace indicate that expressing emotions at work is
considered unprofessional.
The recognition that others don’t cause your feelings helps you
accept responsibility for your feelings.
The experience of fright, joy, or anger comes primarily from
the label we give these experiences.
If you feel you should do nothing that can hurt others because it would make them feel a particular way, you have fallen into which fallacy?
Mark and his brother, Tom, have a very difficult time expressing emotions in person but have a very close emotional relationship when e-mailing. Why might this be so?
Society discourages the expression of feelings among males.
Society discourages the expression of feelings among males.
Emotional self-disclosure can seem risky.
When we feel numerous emotions at one time, we should stick to revealing only one emotion so as not to confuse others.
Emotion labor means that we have to figure out what emotions to show at work.
People tend to express their emotions nonverbally rather than verbally.
Strong emotions sharpen your thinking ability.
Research on emotional expression suggests that there is some truth to the cultural stereotype of the more demonstrative male and the inexpressive female.
Most researchers believe that there are several emotions common among people of all different cultures. All of the following are considered common emotions except
Science has established a clear relationship between _______ and the way that people experience and communicate emotions.
The little voice in your head that talks to you constantly is called
Recognizing your ________ is an important step in minimizing debilitative emotions.
activating events
The comment “I feel as if you’re trying to hurt me” is a clear statement of the speaker’s feelings.
Physiological manifestations of fear, such as a racing heart, perspiration, tense muscles, and elevated blood pressure could also mimic excitement, which is why the physical conditions of emotions are difficult to interpret.
Which of the following is a benefit of sharing feelings?
an increase in the quality of problem solving
Feeling apologetic when you are not at fault is a symptom of which fallacy?
It’s been a year since Mark and Tracy broke up. Mark is still depressed and gets irate if anyone even mentions Tracy’s name. Mark is experiencing
debilitative emotions.
Monitoring self-talk is a way to
recognize your feelings.
Science has established a clear relationship between __________ and the way people experience and communicate emotions.
Choosing the best language to share emotions includes using single words, describing what’s happening to you metaphorically, and describing what you’d like to do to the other person.
One result of a life spent avoiding the expression of emotion may be
a debilitating fear of self-disclosure.
the limiting of behavior to stereotyped roles.
the inability to recognize and act on one’s emotions.
failure to acknowledge strong feelings.
Debilitative emotions can be distinguished from facilitative emotions by their
high intensity and extended duration
__________ is the best predictor of the ability to detect and interpret emotional expression.
Biological sex
An increased heartbeat, a rise in blood pressure, and an increase in adrenaline secretions are all part of which emotional component?
physiological changes
Our interpretation of any event is a more important determinant of feelings than is the event itself.
Most people find it easier to express negative emotions than positive ones.
Dialectical tensions occur when two opposing or incompatible forces exist simultaneously.
Behaving in a positive way, being open, and assuring your partner that you’re committed to the relationship are examples of
relational maintenance.
If Cal accuses Jaden of constantly interrupting him when they argue, Calis engaging in
When partners begin to refer to themselves as “we,” they have moved into which relational stage?
When a family is torn between going on vacation by themselves or spending their vacation with another family what are they are experiencing?
external dialectical tensions
At their marriage ceremony, Eva and Juan lit a candle to symbolize their unity. This ritual is related to the
integration-separation dialectic.
Which is not a strategy outlined by Hess for gaining distance from a relational partner?
Logical reasons for the similarity thesis include
social validation of ourselves.
reduces uncertainty and anxiety.
assume they like us, so we like them.
Which label could be used to describe the communication when one partner in a relationship exclaims, “I can never discuss anything with you”?
Although she really loves Jon and enjoys being with him, Waynetta is beginning to feel trapped in her marriage to him. She is being pulled by the
integration-separation dialectic.
Cecelia enjoys romantic movies, whereas Eddie prefers action films. They explain away their differences by saying that they both love movies. They are using the strategy of
Anna, who is a counselor at a women’s crisis center, says the reason she most often hears from battered wives for returning to their husbands is “I don’t have any other place to go.” Which explanation of why people perform relationships best predicts this relationship?
exchange theory, which suggests we form relationships through assessment of potential rewards and costs
Although she has a boyfriend, Kim realizes she may be happier if she is single when she goes away to college. Kim is rating her relationship according to her:
comparison level of alternatives.
Which of the following opening lines was judged by both male and female college students to be most appropriate in initiating a conversation?
an introduction by a friend
When partners begin to refer to themselves as “we,” they have moved into which relational stage?
The fact that two people both like the same kind of books is most important during which relationship stage?
Research indicates that _____________ is more important in relational happiness than communication ability.
“Quite frankly, this relationship is getting pretty boring. I always know exactly what Bev is going to do and say about everything.” The boredom of this relationship is linked to the:
stability-change dialectic.
In order to manage dialectical tension in their marriage, Brianna and Enrique decide that they will dedicate certain times each week that they will spend together and other specific times to be on their own. They are using the strategy of:
Both men and women in heterosexual relationships said the connection-autonomy dialectic was the least important factor affecting their relationship.
Which type of person was rated as the most attractive?
superior person who blundered
Self-disclosure is most related to which dialectical tension?
expression-privacy dialectic
Which of the following is not an example of metacommunication?
We need to pay these bills.
For adults, similarity is more important to relational happiness than even communication ability.
Customer: “The amount of time I’ve been on hold is ridiculous. I’m going to cancel my service.”

Customer Service Representative: “It sounds like you’re angry. Can you tell me about your problem?” The listener’s response is an example of

paraphrasing the speaker’s ideas
“We” language is usually associated with controlling communication.
Research suggests that men tend to be more defensive than women about messages regarding
their mental or physical errors
All of the following are types of supportive communication identified by Jack Gibb except
Counterfeit questions are associated with which Gibb component?
Gibb regards neutrality as supportive because it involves being objective and rational.
A monologue of intellectual, generalized statements is considered which type of disconfirming response?
impersonal response
Hugging a good friend while saying, “I think that you did well!” is an example of what level of confirming response?
Problem orientation is consistent with what type of conflict management style?
Acting as though you don’t hear someone and not making any response is which type of disconfirming response?
If someone used one of Gibb’s attacking behaviors on you, it is best to
seek more information
When you have a gripe with someone, you can send a face-honoring message by being aggressive, not assertive.
Researchers who study argumentativeness
regard it as an attacking of issues, not an attacking of people.
Speaker: Lorinda makes me so mad when she’s late.
Listener: Lorinda? Yeah, but she’s great. We went to a party together and had a fantastic time.
The listener’s response is an example of:
a tangential response.
Validating another person’s feelings or offering direct praise is an example of
You walk into the doctor’s office. The receptionist looks down at folders and says, “What’s the name?” The receptionist is giving a confirming message since she asked for your name.
Becks’ research observed that ____________ is put to the test when a person doesn’t have superior skills, yet is in a position of authority.
If two coworkers are seeking promotion to the same job, they would likely fall into which method of resolving disputes?
All of the following are elements of conflict except
In sharing our needs with another person, we should avoid the use of “I” language so as not to polarize the conflict.
The style of handling conflict that involves a high degree of concern for both parties is
Paul and Stacy have a very volatile conflict style. They both are very forceful and inevitably end up hurling insults at each other until they both withdraw exhausted. This is an example of which conflict style?
Making a critical joke at another person’s expense and then excusing the joke by saying “I was only kidding” is an example of what kind of conflict style?
passive aggression
People most likely to find themselves in a conflict are independent of each other.
Whenever Bridget and Tony fight, Tony always brings up additional issues until the original issue gets lost. This is an example of
kitchen sink fighting.
A married couple has a fight. They stop talking. Eventually, the husband goes to the wife and apologizes. This pattern is repeated throughout their marriage. This example is demonstrating
a conflict ritual.
The attitude of “We’re all in this together” reflects the quality of
Reasonable people are usually able to see mutually satisfying answers to their problems.
A student who dislikes a teacher but does not show it fits the textbook’s definition of conflict.
I have tried everything in my power to make this relationship work, but it’s impossible. It’ll never work because you don’t make any effort; you don’t try at all.” This statement is an example of which type of dysfunctional conflict?
High-context cultures place a premium on being direct during conflict.
Cultural notions of intimacy that were formerly seen as “American” and not followed by other cultures are fast disappearing.
Family systems are “closed” systems.
Recent scholarship indicates that in terms of gender and the meaning of intimacy women and men are more ____________ than ____________.
Long-time friends Grace and Kishia had little in common when Grace got married and Kishia was still single. Once Kishia got married, she found herself talking to Grace all the time again. This is an example of
communication within a friendship changes over time.
When one partner in a relationship says, “My mom and dad said we make a really good couple,” it is an example of which of the strategies for maintaining romantic relationships?
social networks
Shared narratives have a tendency to disconnect families.
Helms’ research suggests that the lowest levels of love and satisfaction are between stereotypically feminine wives and docile husbands.
Daria’s mother and uncle got into an argument. Daria’s father was also angry about the situation. Before the situation became too tense, the three of them sat down and openly discussed the problem, which is an example of a family who uses
high conversation orientation.
Which of the dimensions of interaction identified in the Stocker and McHale research had the highest level of reciprocity?
Gottman’s research indicates what ratio of positive-to-negative communication is present in satisfied couples’ (including couples who fight) marriages?
Social scientists label families with too little cohesion as enmeshed.
Teasing one another is an example of what kind of intimacy?
shared activities
In one study, more than _____ of men said their most meaningful experiences with friends came from shared activities.
Families low in both conversation orientation and conformity orientation are pluralistic.
Men are more likely to create closeness by talking about personal matters.
Families who are most successful at negotiating adolescence tend to be
The following are examples of which gender-related communication: communication that emphasizes instrumental, task-related topics and is low in expressive emotional content?
stereotypical masculine
Brian and Ilse became a couple and then became very different than when they were single. This is an example that
a family is more than the sum of its parts.
Your mother says that everyone has to be home by 10 p.m. on a weeknight. This is an example of communication rules.
Families low in conversation orientation and high in conformity orientation are
Many women think of sex as a way to ____________ intimacy, while men are more likely to see it as a way to ____________ intimacy.
One factor affecting the comfort level in stepfamily communication is the type of _____________ used by step-parents.
parenting style

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