What process occurs in structure H?
What molecules long and space A and B?
Glucose and oxygen
What organelle is indicated by the C?
What molecules belong in spaces E and F?
Carbon dioxide and water
What process occurs in box a?
What process occurs with box B?
The citric acid cycle
What molecule is indicated by the D?
Which term describes the degree to which an element attracts electrons?
Which term describes two Atoms when they form a bond in which electrons are completely transferred from one Atom to another?
Anion and cation
Which of the following statements is true of the bonds in a water molecule?
Oxygen holds electrons more tightly then hydrogen does, And the net charge is zero.
Which of the following statement is not true most cellular redox reactions?
A hydrogen atom is transferred to the atom that loses an electron.
What kind of bond is formed when lithium and fluorine combine to form lithium fluoride?
Gaseous hydrogen burns in the presence of oxygen to form water:
2H2+O2–> 2H2O+ energy
which molecule is oxidized and what kind of bond is it formed?
Hydrogen, polar.
How many NADH are produced by glycolysis?
In glycolysis, ATP molecules are produced by __.
substrate-level phosphorylation
Which of these is not a product of glycolysis?
In glycolysis, what starts the process of glucose oxidation?
In glycolysis there is a net gain of __ATP.
Which of these enters the citric acid cycle?
Acetyl CoA
In the citric acid cycle, ATP molecules are produced by__.
substrate-level phosphorylation
Which of these is not a product of the say citric acid cycle?
Acetyl CoA
In muscle cells, fementation produces__.
Lactate and NAD+
In fermentation__ is reduced and __is oxidized.
which molecule is metabolized in a cell to produce energy for performing work?
True or false? The potential energy in an ATP molecule is transited mainly from its three phosphate groups.
Which process is not part of the cellular respiration pathway that produces large amounts of ATP in a cell?
Which Step of the cellular respiration pathway can take place in an absence of oxygen?
Into which molecule are all the carbon atoms in glucose ultimately Incorporated during cellular respiration?
Carbon dioxide
Which of the following statements about the electron transport chain is true
NADH and FADH2 donate their electrons to the chain.
Which stage of glucose metabolizes produces the most ATP?
Electron transport and chemiosmosis
True or false? The reactions they generate the largest amounts of ATP during cellular respiration take place in the mitochondria.
Which metabolic pathway is common to both fermentation and cellular respiration of a glucose molecule?
The final electron acceptor of the electron transport chain that functions in aerobic oxidative phosphorylation is

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