Despite an enthusiastic public acceptance, the success of the daguerreotype was limited by
the inability to make multiple images from one negative
a daguerreotype was an early photogenic method created using a
copper plate covered with silver iodine
Artists like peter campus became interested in video because
video signals could be electronically manipulated into interesting images
________ was a photographer who became dissatisfied with pictorialism and promoted the idea that photography should be true to its own nature rather than trying to imitate painting.
Alfred steiglitz
the use by artists of the camera obscura (literally dark room) began in
the Italian renaissance
in 1878, Eadweard Muybridge photographed a galloping horse, and discovered that
galloping horses occasionally have all four hooves off the ground.
the dada movement was formed as a recreation to
World War I
the creation of photographic body of work around an event, place, or culture is known as
artist primarily used the camera obscura to
produce naturalistic drawings of the world.
the farm security administration of the U.S. department of agriculture
paid photographers to document the Great Depression

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