John is the typical Victorian hubby. He is important. strict. caput of the family. He is a doctor of “high standing” . He is really controlling and expects his married woman to obey his orders which was rather normal for the clip. He is a physician but merely understands physical unwellnesss. He can non associate to any mental jobs peculiarly every bit far as adult females are concerned. For him. it is something she will acquire over. head over affair: “You see he does non believe I am ill! ”

He dictates how his married woman should be treated and says she needs tonss of slumber and quiet. He forbids her from composing her feelings down or from seeing anyone. We get the feeling this is more about him concealing her off instead than it being for her ain good. He shows no empathy of how she is experiencing and dismisses it as nervous depression or craze. He is really stiff and buttoned up:

“John is practical in the extreme. He has no forbearance with religion. an intense horror of superstitious notion. and he scoffs openly at any talk of things non be felt and seen and put down in figures. ” He is undoubtedly fond of his married woman and loves her in his ain manner. However. he treats her like a kid or a pet and sees her as something fragile to be protected: “He took me in his weaponries and called me a blest small goose. ” He does non see her as an equal but as person who should look up to him. to be mild and mild and non to be taken earnestly: “John laughs at me. of class. but one expects that in a matrimony. ”

John is instead a cold character demoing no apprehension or even desiring to understand his wife’s unwellness. He does non see it even as an unwellness but instead as her needing to draw herself together. He is about fearful of any reference of mental unwellness and when she suggests her organic structure is good but non her head he gives her “a austere admonitory look” and depict it as a “false and foolish fancy” . His premier concern is to maintain his standing in society and does non desire his married woman to be an embarrassment to him.

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