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The grandma is the cardinal character in the narrative & # 8220 ; A good adult male is difficult to happen, & # 8221 ; by Flannery O & # 8217 ; Connor. The grandma is a manipulative, fallacious, and self-seeking adult female who lives in the yesteryear.

She doesn & # 8217 ; t value her life as it is, but glorifies what it was like long ago when she saw life through rosy spectacless. She is pre-

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sented by O & # 8217 ; Connor as being a prim and proper lady dressed in a suit, hat, and white cotton baseball mitts. This adult female will make whatever it takes to acquire what she wants and she doesn & # 8217 ; t allow anyone else & # 8217 ; s feelings stand in her manner. She trys to warrant her demands by converting herself and

her household that her manner is non merely the best manner, but the lone manner.

The grandma is determined to alter her household & # 8217 ; s holiday finish as she tries to pull strings her boy into traveling to Tennessee

alternatively of Florida. She began seeking to do Bailey, her boy, experience guilty about the kids & # 8217 ; s safety. The grandma says that & # 8220 ; she

couldn & # 8217 ; t reply to her scruples if she took the kids in a way where there was a inmate on the loose. & # 8221 ; She is non success-ful with Bailey, so she uses the same jokes on her daughter-in-law who doesn & # 8217 ; t even acknowledge her. Before she has a opportunity to work on the kids, they tell her & # 8220 ; stay at place if you don & # 8217 ; t want to go. & # 8221 ; The grandma so decides that she will hold to travel along after all, but she is already working on her ain docket.

The grandma is really fallacious, and she manages to mouse the cat in the auto with her even though she knows Bailey does non & # 8220 ; like to get at a motel with a cat. & # 8221 ; She decides that she would wish to see an old plantation and begins her chase of converting Bailey to hold to it. She describes the old house for the kids adding cryptic inside informations to offend their wonder. & # 8220 ; There was a secret panel in this house, & # 8221 ; she states cunningly cognizing it is a prevarication, and non truly desiring to, but she is determined to see the house. The grandma ever stretches the truth every bit much as possible. She non merely lies to her household, but to herself every bit good.

The grandma doesn & # 8217 ; t live in the present, but in the yesteryear. She dresses in a suit to travel on holiday in a really humid portion of the state. She states, & # 8220 ; in instance of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the main road would cognize at one time that she was a lady. & # 8221 ; She invariably tries to state everyone what they should or should non make. She cautions Bailey & # 8220 ; that the velocity bound was 55 stat mis an hr and that the flatfoots hid themselves behind every hoarding and little bunchs of trees and sped out after you had a opportunity to slo

tungsten down.” She informs the kids that they do non hold good manners and that “children were more respectful of their native provinces and their parents and everything else.” when she was a kid. She fits the description of an older southern lady who is a spot prejudiced when mentioning to the Afro-american race ; She said, “Oh expression at the cunning small piccaninny! ” She speaks of how she could hold married Mr. Teagarden ; a successful and affluent man of affairs. The grandma ever speaks as though she is losing something more by being whom she truly is. She enjoys listening to old vocals like “The Tennessee Waltz.” These thing remind her of the things she believes are more of import, even more so than her ain household. The grandma blames other people for negative events that she has experienced throughout her full life.

The grandma remains self-seeking throughout the narrative. She merely considers what she can acquire out of a state of affairs, and how it will finally profit her. Her grounds for non desiring to travel to Florida

are strictly selfish, even though she pretends that it to guarantee the kids & # 8217 ; s safety. She besides states, & # 8220 ; the old plantation would be really educational for them. & # 8221 ; She is non concerned about the good chances for the kids, and is merely looking out for her ain demands. When the grandma meets up with the Misfit, she tries to utilize the same techniques on him that she patterns on her household. The Misfit does non let the grandma to pull strings him, nevertheless, he allows her to utilize her gambits for the sheer enjoyment of it. She does non vacate herself to decease yet, non even when she hears the gunfires coming from the wooded country. The grandma listens to multiple gun-

shootings and even so she merely begs for her ain life. She states & # 8220 ; Jesus,

you & # 8217 ; ve got good blood, I know you wouldn & # 8217 ; t shoot a lady! & # 8221 ; The grand-

female parent & # 8217 ; s merely boy, and his full household are dead and she remains

absorbed in her ain fright, unmindful to what is traveling on around her.

The grandma does non alter until mere seconds before her life is over, and her caput clears for an blink of an eye. After she realizes the Misfit is traveling to kill her, she tries to pull strings fo the concluding clip stating the Misfit, & # 8220 ; Why you & # 8217 ; re one of my babes. You & # 8217 ; re one of my ain kids! & # 8221 ; The grandma & # 8217 ; s life ends at this clip and she ne’er realized that she held everything beloved to her at place. O & # 8217 ; Connor leaves the reader to believe that possibly the grandma wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have changed irrespective, and her caput glade for an blink of an eye could be interpreted as she knew she was traveling to decease and was seeking to believe clearly long plenty to salvage her ain life.


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