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Saddam Hussein and Mohandus Gandhi

Saddam Hussein, the barbarous dictator of Iraq. It is surprising to happen that he has things in common with one of the greatest shapers of peace, Mohandus Gandhi. Though these two people are the complete antonym of one another, they portion the one thing they hold most beloved, their faith. Religion is a large portion of a individual, and is closely related with a individuals character. Religion teaches people how to move in different state of affairss, so it would be safe to reason that all people in that faith hold the same beliefs. How so could these people act and think so otherwise? They are universe leaders and find war or peace. Their ability to take depends on that individuals character. Leadership is no good if people do non follow. Influences like Saddam Hussein and Gandhi lead merely every bit good as their personal character permit them to.

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In the instance of Mohandus Gandhi, his personal character allowed him to be a great leader. Peoples wanted to be lead by him even though Gandhi held no existent political office. At the beginning of his campaign to free India, he made his purposes wholly known to the populace. Not all people believed in the non-violence that he preached. To alter that, Gandhi risked his ain life fasting for long periods of clip until all combat and bloodshed stopped. It is altruistic Acts of the Apostless such as these that rang out to the population. Soon his thoughts changed the characters of people around the universe. This all could non hold been accomplished if non for his great doggedness. Gandhi ever believed in combat, but non at the cost of force. Rather he dies than to see his battle be for nil. Thingss such as this are what brought approximately great work forces like the Dali Lama and Martin Luther King Jr. ( Doc # 2 ) . Though Gandhi is dead, his character beliefs and ideals were so much of an impact that they live on even today.

The character of Saddam Hussein has besides allowed him to govern, but by agencies of fright. He is a extremist threatening neighbouring states as wel

cubic decimeter as the U.S. To this twenty-four hours, his true purposes are yet to be known. As said by Time Magazine ( Doc # 1 ) , Saddam Hussein may be his ain worst enemy. Hussein acts as if he wants a war and be destroyed. This self-destructing trait has brought his ain people to detest him. Countless clip has blackwash been attempted. Hussein can no longer govern with complete authorization because fright does non ever convey complete integrity. More frequently do people flog out and arise. Husains can non take sagely due to his ain personal character. The job is that his true character is non known. By his actions, one can merely think at what his is seeking to carry through. Possibly his ideals are so distorted that he truly wants devastation. The true reply to this may ne’er truly be known.

The characters of these people are what change the universe. Though some characters are bad, it is these personal character grouped with strong thoughts that make society what it is. Without thoughts and beliefs, civilisation would crumple due to miss of integrity. Although a county such as Iraq is non headed in the right way, the population is still slightly united as a people ( Doc.3 ) . This may demo that there may be something yet to the character of Saddam Hussein. As for, Gandhi, he had a good character but queerly still failed to convey integrity. Possibly it is human nature that our ideals and beliefs lead to our ain undoing.

Today, people still do non cognize under what conditions do these great and awful people come about in society. It may be that such characters are congenital and have nil to make with their surrounding. It would be fantastic if we could one twenty-four hours map out such complicated personalities like the one of Gandhi. To eventually cognize what facet of him made him a genuinely great leader would be extreme honoring to mankind. Finding out what made Saddam Hussein what he is today would be of import if one wanted prevent a leader such as he from of all time once more lifting. It is a shame that at this clip, making this is non possible but in clip, I am positive that we can happen the reply to illustriousness.


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