Character Profile: Juliet Essay, Research Paper

In the drama Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare reveals a complex character, Juliet, who has a multifaceted personality. Even so, the kernel of Juliet & # 8217 ; s place is her young person. Her rawness gives her a loveable freshness.This is foremost demonstrated in the celebrated balcony scene when she is speaking to herself. Her inquiry, & # 8220 ; What & # 8217 ; s in a name? & # 8221 ; suggests a really childly quality. It & # 8217 ; s her manner of rephrasing the inquiry, & # 8220 ; Why? & # 8221 ; Children frequently ask this inquiry without even believing about it. As the scene progresses, she proposes to Romeo. She is so ingenuous and nontraditional in this regard.Nowadays, society has given adult females more freedom and independency. Back so, a adult female suggesting matrimony was unheard of. Through this brush between Romeo and Juliet, we see Juliet & # 8217 ; s artlessness in the manner she responds to her first true love. Their poetic words are simple yet sincere, sweet words spoken in entire honestness from the deepnesss of their psyches. New to love, Juliet found it hard to expressher feelings to Romeo. Had he no overheard her private ideas in Capulet & # 8217 ; s grove, Juliet most likelywould non hold been able to state those things to his face. Later in the drama, Romeo says, & # 8220 ; Now I have stained the childhood of our joy. & # 8221 ; He recognized the pureness of their love. Possibly this is why Juliet devotes herself so wholly to him without any uncertainties. She has childlike religion in him. In that manner, her love for him was blind. Ever the optimist, she still believesFriar Lawrence & # 8217 ; s program will work despite all the possible calamities that could happen. For her, love willalways prevail over hatred. There & # 8217 ; s no ground for her to believe otherwise. Her vernal nature is shown once more throughher restlessness. Waiting for the nurse to come back, Juliet is dying and defeated. The 2nd the nursereturns, she demands to hear of the intelligence. This shows slightly of a character defect as she is onlyinterested in instant gratif

ication. Her inability to wait for long term satisfaction sets the phase for more

diaster for the & # 8220 ; star-crossed lovers. & # 8221 ; The nurse remarks on this when she says Juliet is & # 8220 ; hot & # 8221 ; , intending impatient. Juliet has a inclination to hotfoot things ; this trait goes manus in manus with her restlessness. Romeo and Juliet are already married when their relationship is merely a few yearss old. Finally, thisfault in the twosome leads to their ill-timed death. Hastiness is an of import portion of the drama. Juliet & # 8217 ; sline, & # 8220 ; It is excessively rash, excessively ill-advised, excessively sudden, & # 8221 ; serves to corroborate this. Although she realized this fact, she did nil to decelerate down the gait of the relationship. Rebeling against her parents to marry their enemy & # 8217 ; s boy, Juliet was simply following her bosom. By that clip, she had fallen excessively much in love withRomeo to give himup. Despite non desiring to disobey her parents, she listened to her inherent aptitudes and emotions.In her instance, it was an unwise determination because her emotions clouded her judgement. Juliet & # 8217 ; s attributes contrast aggressively with those of the nurse, who acts as a foil. Even though the two are highly close, they are unusually distinguishable. For illustration, Juliet is still woolgathering of love whereasthe nurse is more enlightened. Juliet is really naif about work forces, whereas the nurse has & # 8220 ; no religion, no honestyin men. & # 8221 ; The immature adolescent has non perceived anything in her short life to stain the male image in her eyesbecause of her sheltered being. Overall, Shakespeare has made Juliet come alive in the sense that she is a individual with whom we can place with. She is like a cherished treasure, still being refined and polished into a mature grownup. That beloved imperfectness is something we all can associate to. The audience connects with that and for them, she isn & # 8217 ; t merely a fabricated function in an fanciful universe. Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s command comes from non merely thebeautiful poesy or prose, but from his ability to make out and the touch the audience with characters like Juliet

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