The narrative opens on a broad shooting of a field, followed by a tracking shooting along the hedgerow. The narrative begins demoing that hedgerows are a common characteristic on lowland farms across the UK and have been for centuries. In recent old ages, the intensity of agricultural patterns has increased and in some countries, hedgerow Numberss have been greatly reduced. It would be explained that in the hereafter, this could be a major job as hedgerows give many species of both animate beings and workss the ability to travel from one country to another while avoiding quarry and forage for nutrient.

The movie so focuses on one group in peculiar, the carabid beetles. Some interesting and relevant biological science is so given about the species, before explicating why these beetles are so of import to agriculture, as bio-control for many cereals.


Features and importance of hedgerows

A hedgerow is made up of several elements ; the existent hedge which forms the chief construction out of a woody works, and the hedge underside which is composed of many herbaceous workss. French & A ; Cummins, 2001

Hedges are normally found across farming areas in the UK and are semisynthetic, chiefly used for spliting Fieldss.

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They are used by many species of workss and animate beings to travel from one country of forest to another. Burel, 1996

Equally good as wild animate beings, hedgerows are of import in agribusiness for screen and control of farm animal. They besides help husbandmans easy mark field boundaries and have functioned in this manner for many centuries. Rackham, 1986

Animals and workss need hedgerows to travel over disconnected farming area in order to avoid predation every bit good as scrounging for nutrient. Hedgerows provide this motion for a great assortment of species ; invertebrates, birds, mammals and workss. Burel & A ; Baudry, 2005

Hawthorn ( Crataegus monogyna ) is the chief type of hedgerow in the UK and provides an of import nutrient beginning of berries to a assortment of animate beings over the winter. Sparks et Al, 2000.

The berries do non hold high nutritionary value, but the high output of berries makes them an of import nutrient beginning to overwintering birds, escpecially thrushes. Sparks & A ; Martin, 1999.

Along with uncultivated land, wooded countries and heathland, hedgerows influence the motions of single beetles. Burel & A ; Baudry, 2005

Due to alterations in agriculture patterns, such as agricultural intensification doing the remotion of hedgerows, the biodiversity and of import map hedgerows provide may be under menace in the hereafter. Burel et Al, 1998

Biology of carabid beetles

Kromp, 1999:

In Europe, there are around 2700 known species of carabid beetle

Between species, size can change although they are identifiable by a slender, robust organic structure, which is chiefly in darkness coloured and sometimes metallic.

Carabid beetles live chiefly on the land, while merely some species will populate on leaf, therefore the term “ land beetles ” .

In general, carabid beetles produce one coevals per twelvemonth and an single female can put 30-600 eggs.

The two chief “ types ” of engendering in the carabids. The first type is engendering in late summer and overwintering as larvae to hatch out in the spring, and the option is engendering in the spring so larvae develop over the summer months.

Carabid beetles are devouring marauders and within one twenty-four hours, will devour their ain organic structure mass in nutrient.

Carabids can besides be divided into two groups in respects to their ecological penchants ; one group prefer low visible radiation and high humidness ( woodland carabids ) , whereas the other group ( field carabids ) prefer warm, dry countries. Between these groupings nevertheless, there is a of of fluctuation.

Lovei & A ; Sunderland, 1996:

Land beetles have colonised all home grounds on land apart from the desert.

Most carabid species will populate for a full twelvemonth and reproduce one time before deceasing.

There is some malleability in lifetime as certain species, Carabus problematicus, which inhabits the North of England lives for two old ages at heights above 800m.

The bulk of carabids in the UK are nocturnal ( 60 % ) , but field carabids are chiefly diurnal and have changeable colours.

The nocturnal species tend to be woodland carabids and are by and large bigger in size than diurnal species.

Some diurnal species of carabid can run utilizing sight, but other species will utilize chemical signals to turn up their quarry.

Importance of carabid beetles:

MacLeod et Al, 2004:

In farming area, wheat can be negatively impacted in footings of output and quality because of the cereal aphid.

To battle this job, husbandmans can utilize hedgerows or beetling Bankss in order to increase the population of polyphagous marauders such as carabid beetles.

Kromp, 1999:

Field surveies have shown carabid beetles to precede on cereal aphids, cut downing their population during the early colonisation phase of the plague.

Beetles will scrounge for aphids on the land, if aphids have fallen from flora.

Equally good as aphids, carabid beetles besides predate on Dipteran eggs and larvae of other beetles that are considered plagues to harvest workss.

Using organic fertilisation can increase the population of carabid beetles in agricultural land, whereas deep plowing of Fieldss environing hedgerows can diminish Numberss.

By utilizing this method of organic fertilisation, carabid beetle Numberss non merely increase, but there is more species diverseness of beetles present.

Lovei & A ; Sunderland, 1996:

Carabid beetles are good suited as a bio-control for harvest plagues such as aphids, as because of their comparatively long life rhythm, they are non affected by fluctuations in prey denseness

Not merely are these land beetles vital in taking plague species, but more significantly they extend the period between eruptions of plagues.

Summary of the location

Tracking shooting

Hedge to be filmedFigure 1

Entry by path from Sugarbrook B & A ; B


As seen on figure 1, the best entree to the site is by going South from Ashley along Mobberley Road. Once Sugarbrook B & A ; B is reached there is a mud path towards Arden House and the hedge is on the right manus side, as marked on the map.

The hawthorn hedge spans two Fieldss and is about 100m long on East side of the path, with some picturesque oak trees nearby ( in the field to the North ) .

Potential jobs with location:

On the recco, the clay path from Mobberley Road to the hedge was rather boggy after a period of rain. It would be advisable therefore to see the location when there have been smaller periods of rain, or instead take conveyance that can get by with uneven terrain.

The hedge runs East to West intending sunshine will be present on the hedge all twenty-four hours, with no object obstructing visible radiation.

Sound recording may be hard at the site, as the farm is within close locality of Manchester Airport. There is besides a railroad line that runs nearby and the electric pylons that are present on site give off rather a batch of noise.

Shootings required on location:

Shootings at the farm will be filmed in the summer months, as the hawthorn hedge will hold full leaf, along with the environing flora. The beetling species to be filmed will all be prevailing during this season and easy collected, sooner with the aid of an bugologist.

Tracking shooting:

A trailing shooting along the hedgerow would be ideal as one of the set uping shootings of the movie. Tracking shootings at different highs of the hedgerow can be used, the most of import being at the base of the hedgerow, as this is where the topic animate being lives. The country the trailing shooting will ideally be filmed has been shown on figure 1. This country is level and comparatively degree, hence puting up the equipment needed for this shooting will be consecutive forward.

Aerial shootings:

A cherry-picker can be used to accomplish aerial shootings and can be easy brought on site along the path to the hedge. An aerial shooting drawing in or out of the hedge to field will be utile for puting the scene.

Wide shootings:

The field to the North of the hedge has some picturesque oak trees which would be a nice add-on to the movie. Paning shootings from the field with the trees towards the hedge would besides assist to set up the location.

Due to the nature of the animate being being filmed, all close-up shootings of the beetles can be filmed in a set. Ideally these will include motions and scrounging behaviors every bit good as imitating the beetle hunting and eating aphids. Several species can be used on set, to give an thought of the diverseness and colors of some different species.

Speciess would include Carabus problematicus,

Hazard appraisal

Below is the hazard appraisal for shooting on location. For general wellness and safety on location, delight see risk appraisal in Appendix 1.


Persons who may be harmed

Hazard controls already in topographic point

Hazard Appraisal

Fallss from tallness

Crew / farm staff

-Equipment will be sourced from dependable provider

-Safe working burden will non be exceeded

-Equipment will be exhaustively checked before usage

-In the instance of bad conditions i.e. high air currents, shooting will halt until the conditions improves.

-Safety ropes and lines will be attached to equipment and crew before making tallness

-Seat belts will be worn by all individuals working at tallness


Objects falling from tallness

Crew/ farm staff

-Kickboards should be installed to forestall objects falling out cherry chooser

-Hard chapeaus should be worn by all individuals at land degree

-Safety signage will be provided to do crew aware of danger

-If points are being passed up, crew will non stand near equipment until work is finished.


Injury from manual handling

Crew and farm staff

-Eauipment will be used in conformity to makers guidelines

-Crew will be appropriately trained in manual handling before shooting


Ethical Considerations

On location, perturbation of the environment should be kept to a lower limit by maintaining to paths every bit much as possible

Carabid beetles, like other invertebrates do non necessitate a licence to movie, but one time animate beings have been captured for shooting they should be released back into the same country they were taken from.


When researching the thought for this movie, it was of import to seek and acquire a batch of background information and comprehensiveness of the subject. My searching was chiefly done online on diaries and bugology books to happen out the relevant information. I wanted to be reasonably thorough with my research in order to do the planning of shooting easier. I think holding read a batch of information from many beginnings, I had identified compendious and of import points for the subject and besides had a clearer thought in my caput for the narrative of the movie as I found out more information. I felt confident that my narrative and research would enable me to be after consequently for future jobs and measure any hazards associated with movie devising. By having feedback from coachs sing the construction of the movie, this helped me concentrate more on the logistical facet of the research. I think by apportioning more clip to this study, I could hold found out some more interesting information that I could utilize for my movie, but overall I think I have covered the subject good plenty to hold a clear thought of my narrative. Having completed this research study, it has given me a batch of thoughts and utile points to retrieve for future undertakings. I now feel more confident about the planning and hazard assessing of future undertakings I have to make.

During the recco, we had a twenty-four hours to look round the whole site to happen a suited location for our movie, which I found rather rapidly. For the afternoon, I was so able to analyze the hedgerow carefully in footings of entree and aesthetics of shooting. By pass oning with equals about my thoughts and being present at the chosen location, I could polish my thought and clearly see how the movie would come together. In the hereafter, I think I would take a batch of exposure on the recco for personal usage in be aftering wellness, safety and logistics and moreover assisting the remainder of the movie crew have an exact thought of what is required during production.


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Flickers, T.H. , Martin, T. ( 1999 ) . Yiels of hawthorn Crataegus monogyna berries under different hedgerow direction. Agribusiness, Ecosystems and Environment. 72, 107-110.


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