Features Of Othello Essay, Research Paper

When discoursing the features of Othello one finds he has more

than one side. Othello is a tragic hero in this play. Besides, he portrays a

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adult male with much illustriousness. Consequently, Othello has many failings.

In order to truly understand the character of Othello, one must understand

him as a tragic hero with both illustriousness and failing.

A tragic hero is the chief character in a drama that takes a ruin or is

ruined during the drama. Undoubtedly, Othello is ruined during the class of

this Shakespearian play. In the beginning of the drama his life is in order, as

he was married to the beautiful Desdemona, the younger girl of a well

respected Senator, Brabantio. However, Othello was a Moor, and their

matrimony was frowned upon. Iago had an evil secret plan to convey Othello down,

because he was in love with Desdemona when the Moor stole her bosom.

Iago causes Othello to turn against his married woman, and have covetous furies that

caused her much desperation and heartache. This is coincident with the character of a

tragic hero. In the terminal, Iago brings Othello down merely as he planned. The

reader must recognize that without his ruin, Othello couldn? T be considered

tragic, henceforth there would be no moral one could take from the drama.

Othello is really characteristic of a tragic hero.

Othello is besides a adult male that shows much illustriousness throughout the

play. Throughout his grownup life he has been acclaimed for his many

conquerings througho

ut the land. He shows illustriousness through his love for

Desdemona. For case, ? But that I love the soft Desdemona, I would

non my unhoused free status put into circumscription and confine for the

seas? worth, ? Othello said when mentioning to his fondness and true feelings

for Desdemona. Othello was really singular when discoursing his love for


Throughout the drama Othello, its chief character shows much

failing. Much of this failing channels from Iago, the scoundrel of the

book. Othello himself addresses his ain infirmity when he describes himself

as? an honest liquidator? ; as? one that loved non sagely but excessively good. ?

Othello? s belief of Iago? s every statement grew critical when Iago accused

Desdemona of losing the hankie his female parent gave him. Once once more

Iago had won an rational conflict with Othello. Subsequently, Iago

convinced Othello that Cassio, his devoted and loyal lieutenant, was stealing

his married woman. Upon hearing this history from Iago, Othello instantly ordered

Cassio massacred. This besides showed a lacking in his determination devising

procedure. Othello? s failings centered around Iago? s secret plan to convey him


Without inquiry, Othello is one of the more interesting and

multidimensional character we have studied to day of the month. Othello was a perfect

illustration of a tragic hero, he had an copiousness of illustriousness, and he coupled

that with twice every bit much failing. Othello was a great character in this

Shakespearian dramatic calamity.


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