Fictional characters Of King Arthur Essay, Research Paper

1. King Arthur is considered to be the High King of Britain and the boy of Uther Pendragon. Merlin who became his head adviser taught him. He became king at age 15 when Uther died in conflict. King Arthur ruled over Camelot with his married woman Guinevere. The lady of the Lake gave him the blade Excalibur. His married woman and boy Mordred betrayed him. Mordred fatally wounded Arthur. Three of the nine enchantresss of Avalon brought him to Avalon. Two of those enchantresss were Morgan La Fay and The Lady of the Lake. They healed him and set in an ageless sleep merely to wake in Briton s greatest clip of demand.

2. Lady Guinevere is the married woman of King Arthur and the girl of a Roman Noble. Since she was Roman, she introduced Christianity to the Arthur fable, the fable was chiefly heathen. Coincidentally with Guinevere s reaching to the fable Merlin s appearance diminished because he represented Pagen beliefs, due to his usage of thaumaturgy. Lady Guinevere was rumored to be the most beautiful adult female. She had many suers ; Mordred, Roman plunderers, Morgan La Fay, and other barbarian folks from the North were invariably nobbling her. One other suer is Sir Lancelot, they had an matter where Lancelot took all the incrimination and said he forced her to prosecute in sex. She is finally the 1 that brought down the land of Camelot ; because she was forced excessively betray Arthur by Mordred, Arthur s illicit boy.

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3. Camelot is the land of King Arthur. There are many different locations of Camelot. These topographic points have been Wales, Winchester, Tintagel ( Arthur s place of birth ) , and

the one most historiographers believe Cadbury Castle in Somerset. Cadbury palace over looks Glastonbury and Avalon, Arthur s resting topographic point.

5. Merlin was Uther Pendragon s head adviser, and so Arthur s after his male parent s decease. Merlin played an of import function in the birth of Arthur. He made Uther expression like Duke Gorlois so he could score Igraine. Merlin so took attention off and taught Arthur as a young person. Merlin besides created the unit of ammunition tabular array while Uther ruled the Kingdom. Merlin taught both Morgan La Fey and the Lady of The Lake, Nimue, magic in exchange for their love. They both became stronger than Merlin. Nimue trapped Merlin in a cave with a enchantment. Arthur s knights run into outside this cave whenever they began an escapade.

6. Tintagel Castle is believed to be the topographic point where Arthur was conceived. His male parent and female parent where Uther Pendragon, looking like Duke Gorlois, and Lady Igraine of Cornwall. Uther seduced her while his ground forces attacked the palace.

7. Morgan La Fay is the half sister of King Arthur. She is besides the female parent of Mordred, who she conceived with Arthur. Arthur did non cognize she was his half sister at the clip.


vitamin E learned her thaumaturgy from Merlin. She is besides one of the nine sorceresses of Avalon. Morgan La Fay healed Arthur and left him in a province of slumber to return when Briton needs him once more. She has great hatred to lady Guinevere, she sent The Green Knight to seek to frighten Guinevere to decease.

8. Uther Pendragon is the male parent of King Arthur. He conceived Arthur with Lady Igraine of Cornwall. Merlin transformed Uther to look like Duke Gorlois Lady Igraine s hubby. Duke Gorlois was killed, when Uther s ground forces attacked Gorlois s palace. Uther so married Igraine. Uther was killed, when Arthur was15, giving Arthur control of the land.

9. Avalon is the ageless resting topographic point of King Arthur and Guinevere. Morgan La Fey and other enchantresss brought Arthur at that place after he received a mortal lesion from Mordred. There they healed him and put him to rest so he can return one time once more.

10. Sir Bedivere is one of Arthur s Knights of the Round Table. He is the 1 that returned Excalibur to the lady of the lake.

11. Mordred is the illicit boy of King Arthur. He was a Knight of the unit of ammunition tabular array, but he finally went renegade and tried to subvert Arthur. Arthur was off contending a conflict and Mordred forced Guinevere to get married him. Mordred and Arthur fought when Arthur returned Mordred was killed and Arthur was mortally wounded. Morgan La Fay so took Arthur to Avalon.

12. Excalibur is the charming blade given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. It is purportedly to hold an unbreakable blade, and a scabbard that protected Arthur every bit long as he wore it. Merlin asked the Lady of the Lake to give the blade to Arthur because he was afraid Arthur would fall in conflict. An elfan Smith allegedly forges the blade.

13. The Holy Grail is believed to be the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper. Legend said that the to happen the Grail 1 had to be pure of bosom and true. This is why Lancelot no affair how hard he tried, failed in every effort to happen the Grail.

14. Sir Galahad was the boy of Sir Lancelot and Elaine of Corbenic. She deceived Lancelot to kip with her by feigning to be Queen Guinevere. Galahad possessed all the qualities of holy flawlessness and he was the last member to fall in the Knights of the Round Table. He went on a hunt for the Holy Grail ; he believed he was destined to happen it because he had visions of the Grail in his dreams. He was believed to accomplish his Quest for the Grail and sat in the place reserved at the Round Table for the Grail Knight, Siege Perilious.

15. Glastonbury is believed to be the legendary Isle of Avalon. A group of monastics from the Glastonbury Abby purportedly discovered the grave of Arthur and Guinevere. With a mark that read, Here lies the one time and future King Arthur.



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