Charles & A ; Keith is an international manner footwear trade name with more than 190 shops all around the universe. Charles & A ; Keith were founded in 1996 by brothers Charles and Keith Wong. With the cardinal construct of ladies footwear and accoutrements trade name. the trade name has flourished and grown into a planetary international trade name. Now. with immature and voguish designs to catch the attending of the young person. Charles & A ; Keith has developed a line of manner designs that cater to the latest and voguish. making and turning the trade name. leting the enlargements of more shops particularly in one of the world’s busiest concern and trading Centre. Shanghai.

Background Charles & A ; Keith has managed to develop a typical line of manner forward designs that caters to market sentiments. dedicated to the voguish shoppers. Charles & A ; to supply shoppers with a overplus of latest manners of footwear and accoutrements to let their closet to be more stylish and complete with the latest manners. The first Charles & A ; Keith shop opened in 1996 at Amara Shopping Centre in Singapore.

The first shop was foremost located at the Central Business District. and within a short span of 2 old ages. 4 more Charles & A ; Keith shops were located island-wide in Singapore. Following the success of 5 shops in Singapore. the launched new shops across the part of Asia. with the first international shop gap in Indonesia in 1998. traveling on to the Philippines’s Charles & A ; Keith shop in 2001 and even Dubai had been influenced by the company’s expansive potency. opening a shop in 2004.

Over the old ages. Charles & A ; Keith has managed to gain the investing of one the world’s celebrated trade names. Louis Vuitton in 2011. Other milepost like ‘Entrepreneur of the Year award’ was awarded to Mr Charles Wong himself in 2008. Profile Charles & A ; Keith yearly produces 750 designs of footwear and around 300 other designs of bags and accoutrements design yearly. the company has a steady and developed Shipping and Logistics squad which ensures that the distribution of the orders run swimmingly and all the transportation goes good. with around over 5million merchandises shipped yearly.

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The trade name Charles & A ; Keith has managed to capture the attending and involvement of industry lookouts and the worship of fashion-conscious persons through its high street manner places and accoutrements. doing the company a marketable and stylish footwear trade name in the international scene of today. Charles & A ; Keith have managed to open in 303 locations around 34 states worldwide. The trade name is guided by strategic programs. managed by the international division of the company. with strong persons and squads working in the company.

Brief Description and back uping grounds of bing client profile Charles & A ; Keith is a celebrated planetary manner trade name that presently sells ladies footwear dwelling of their signature label places. formal places and insouciant places. every bit good as bags and bags. They besides sell accoutrements like dark glassess. watchbands. scarfs. necklaces and belts. Charles & A ; Keith primary client section are working category adult females. with in-between to high flat income and buying power and they must be willing to maintain up with the latest manner tendency.

The company focuses chiefly on adult females and offers a broad scope of quality footwear. bags and accoutrements for adult females. This can be seen at their retail stores and on-line shop. selling a assortment of quality and elegant places. bags and accoutrements for adult females. ( Refer to fig 1 ) Charles & A ; Keith launched the Signature Label event in 2007 for manner witting ladies. They besides go in deepness to their mixture on their merchandises that they are selling. which mean that their bing clients can choose their most preferable merchandises such as the coloring material and design that they want.


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