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English 12

Charles Dickens

Thesis: Charles Dickens was a well-known writer who had many

great plants.

I. Biography

II. List of Works

III. Common Work

IV. Critical Evaluation

V. Conclusion

Charles Dickens was an English writer. He is considered one of the greatest

writers of the Victorian period. Charles Dickens was a well-known writer who had

many great plants ( Webster, 352 ) .

Charles John Huffman Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, in Landport

Hampshire. His male parent was a clerk in the Navy Pay Office. His female parent was a

housekeeper ( Kunitz182 ) .

Charles Dickens & # 8217 ; male parent was paid good, but frequently brought fiscal embarrassment

to his household. In 1824, he was taken to debitors & # 8217 ; prison. Charles was taken out of

school. He was forced to work in a mill. It is obvious that in some of Dicken & # 8217 ; s

books & # 8220 ; the images of the prison and of the doomed, oppressed, or bewildered kid recur

in many of his novels. & # 8221 ; ( Webster, 352 ) .

Dicken & # 8217 ; s female parent was well-known for her storytelling ability. She was a small out

of her societal category. Her male parent was a naval lieutenant ( Webster 352 ) .

Charles had eight siblings. He was the 2nd oldest. When he was immature he

would on occasion hold cryptic cramps, which ceased at striplings. When

Charles was two, his male parent was transferred from Portsea to London. A short period

after he was transferred to Chatham ( Kunitz 182 ) .

When Charles was immature, his female parent taught him his alphabet. He became

interested in fiction novels from his male parent & # 8217 ; s library. He was placed back in school at

the age of nine ( 182 ) .

At the age of 15 Charles Dickens became a soliciter & # 8217 ; s clerk. He taught

himself shorthand. Charles spent most of his free clip reading in the British museum.

He was promoted to tribunal coverage, so to describing in the House of Commons ( Kunitz

182 ) .

During this period Dickens unsuccessfully tried to execute on phase. At the age

of 18 he fell profoundly in love with Maria Beadnell. She was sent off to Paris by

her household. She jilted Charles upon her return ( Kunitz 182 ) .

Charles Dickens foremost study was published in the Monthly Magazine, he was non

paid. He subsequently published studies in the Evening Chronicle. This was the first

magazine he had of all time his been paid for composing. All of these studies were issued as

a book in 1836 ( Kunitz182 ) .

Charles Dickens fell in love with Mary Hogarth, but she was excessively immature to acquire

married. For some curious ground he married her older sister Catherine Hogarth in

1836. Mary died in 1837. Catherine and Charles were both filled with heartache. Later,

they had ten kids ( Kunitz 182 ) .

In 1841, Charles had surgery but that did non halt him from from composing. In

1842, Charles visited the United States, for the first clip. This trip resulted in

American Notes and Martin Chuzzlewit ( Kunitz 182 ) .

By this clip, Charles had a house in London and Regents Park. He besides had a

gazebo at Broadstairs. Charles was doing a luck in malice of unadvised

early contracts, and attendant wrangles with publishing houses ( Kunitz 182 ) .

Georgina Hogarth was Christine & # 8217 ; s youngest sister. Georgina lived with

Charles and Christine and helped take attention of the kids when she was merely

15. Charles worked difficult to supply for his big household ( Kunitz 183 ) .

At this clip, Dickens was described as a somewhat undersized adult male with delicate

characteristics. He had all right tegument, brown hair that he wore excessively long, and a thin, stringy face fungus

and beards. The adult male who was one time a hapless male child had become a rich adult male ( Kunitz

183 ) .

Soon Charles began to move in private representations. His moving calling took up

tremendous sums of clip and energy, which interfered with his Hagiographas. In 1844

and 1845, he spent clip with his household in Italy. After he returned to England,

Charles became editor of The Daily News. This was his lone fiscal failure ( Kunitz

183 ) .

In 1849, Charles became editor of a magazine, which was a immense success.

The magazine contained much of his ain Hagiographas. The name of the magazine was

the Household Words. He remained editor of the magazine until his decease ( Kunitz

183 ) .

In 1858, it was flooring intelligence that Dickens had separated from his married woman.

The matrimony was unhappy from the beginning. The English-world was shocked

that for 22 old ages they had lived together and produced 10 kids, without

of all time truly loving each other or even being compatible at all ( Kunitz 183 ) .

The oldest boy went with his female parent. The other kids stayed with their

male parent and their Aunt Georgina. Charles published a missive explicating the separation

and suggesting at his married woman & # 8217 ; s insanity. It was meant to merely be circulated among friends,

but he published it anyhow. This was the worst of Charles & # 8217 ; personal businesss ( Kunitz 183 ) .

Charles Dickens had many great plants. His first book was Sketches by

Boz. This book was about his work as a journalist. His first novel was The Pickwick

Documents. He wrote the novel in 1836 and published it in 1837 ( Magill 291 ) .

After The Pickwick Papers Charles was the most popular English novelist in

his life-time. Charle

s continued the narrative of The Pickwick Papers in Oliver Twist. He

wrote it in 1837 and published it in 1838. In The Pickwick Papers inhuman treatments and

wretchednesss of the existent universe are covered up by laughter. Another of his celebrated books is

Great Expectations. ( Magill 291 ) .

Great Expectations is the narrative of Pip & # 8217 ; s life, and of his hopes and dreams & # 8211 ;

some realized, some shattered. First published in hardback in 1861, this novel of

the ancient battle between good and evil is populated by a rich mixture of

flakes. Faithfully reprinted from the first London edition of the book, this volume

includes an analysis of Dickens & # 8217 ; s original stoping ( Dickens 1 ) .

A Christmas Carol is his most celebrated novel of all. It is besides his most celebrated

Christmas book. It was published in 1843. It is about a adult male who learns the true

significance of Christmas ( Magill 290 ) .

Ebanezer Scrooge is the chief character of the novel. The novel is set near

the Christmas vacations. Scrooge is a adult male who does non believe in Christmas.

He is the proprietor of a concern who would non allow Hatchet, one of his employees,

off for Christmas. Scrooge treats Hatchet severely and pays him small for his hard

work. Scrooge is a cruel, greedy old adult male ( Dickens 23 ) .

On Christmas Eve dark Scrooge is visited by the shade of his old

concern spouse, Marley. Marley told him that three shade would see him,

the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of

Christmas Future that dark. He besides warned him that if he did non alter he

would decease ( Dickens 30 ) .

After Scrooge falls asleep the Ghost of Christmas Past awakens him. The

Ghost takes him back through his yesteryear to demo him all of the bad things that he had

done throughout his life. He besides sees his old love and how he pushed her off,

clip after clip. After seeing this, Scrooge begins to experience guilty about his

behaviour and wants to alter ( Dickens 44 ) .

The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge the adversities of his

employee, Bob Crachit. The Ghost carries him to Bob & # 8217 ; s place where Scrooge

sees for the first clip the impoverished life style of his clerk. Scrooge besides sees Tiny Tim,

Crachit & # 8217 ; s boy who is sickly ( Dickens 75 ) .

The Ghost of Christmas Future takes Scrooge to a cemetery and he sees his

gravestone. He besides sees how people made merriment of the manner he was buried, and the

manner he lived. Following to his gravestone was the little keystone of Tiny Tim. Sing

this made Scrooge desire to be a better individual ( Dickens 113 ) .

When Scrooge wakes up, he is a changed adult male. He is filled with the joy of

Christmas. As he walks through the streets, he begins purchasing and giving off

Meleagris gallopavos and throwing money to all of the hapless people in town. All of the townsfolk

are pleased with his great alteration and everyone begins to wish him ( Dickens 140 ) .

To understand Dickens & # 8217 ; nature, it must be remembered that he was the

ideal of the English lower in-between category. Because he was an reliable

mastermind, he possessed all its properties, good and bad, to a greatest grade. He

was tender-hearted, brave, generous, supremely hardworking, social-minded, a

hater of unfairness and a title-holder of the laden & # 8212 ; and he was besides chesty,

obstinate, conceited, sentimental, and a spot of a cad. His vulgar flavorlessness in

frock, which could non conceal the all right differentiation of his characteristics, was no mere accident.

He was wholly without self-criticism or self-denial ( Kunitz & A ; Haycraft 182 ) .

Dickens was set abouting more and more of the wash uping public readings,

with the long, uncomfortable train journeys which they involved, and pouring out

manuscript every bit oddly as of all time. He was ne’er slovenly in his authorship, and put

huge energy into it. His wellness broke, and in 1865 he had a little shot of

palsy which should hold been a warning ; he was feeble thenceforth. In 1867

and 1868 he went to America once more. This clip he and the state, matured by Civil

War, were both politer to each other. He came back after a victory, with

$ 20,000 and for good broken health.. he ne’er became good. He engaged

himself for another long reading circuit, which he was to his hurt, forced to go forth

incomplete. He kept on authorship, and was at work on The Mystery of Edwin Drood

the twenty-four hours before he died. He came into the house from his authorship ( in a garden house

called the & # 8220 ; Chateau & # 8221 ; ) , said a few incoherent words, and fell stricken with stroke.

He died 24 hours subsequently. Though his want for a quiet funeral was observed, it

was non in the state cemetery he had contemplated, but in Westminster Abbey

( Kunitz 184 ) .

Charles Dickens was one of the greatest writers of all times. Dickens was a

well-known writer. He had many great plants.

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