Chastity Vs. Homosexuality And Pre-Marital Sex Essay, Research Paper

Homosexuality is an highly controversial topic, non merely within the Church, but besides within all of society. The Church states that homosexualism is merely incorrect when persons act upon it. Since sex is merely for reproduction, and two people of the same sex can non reproduce, so for them to hold sexual dealingss would be iniquitous. In today & # 8217 ; s media, homosexualism every bit good as & # 8220 ; free sex & # 8221 ; are both extremely glorified. Many ethical motives have been lost, but we, non merely as Christians but besides as moral persons must acknowledge the perverse and distorted effects this has on our attitudes towards sex. We now see sex to be for enjoyment merely, and reproduction is frequently merely a fuss that comes along with sex. This is an inappropriate attack to sex and has brought many reverberations such as abortions or sexually familial diseases. Pre-marital sex is besides considered a wickedness because it & # 8217 ; s aim is non reproduction. A Christian and moral option to both homosexualism and pre-marital sex is celibacy.

The Church does non believe that homosexualism is congenital. However, a individual does non go a homosexual because he wants to be one. By the clip an single discovers his homosexual inclinations, it is excessively late to make more than learn to command them. Harmonizing to the Church, homosexual Acts of the Apostless are incorrect. They are unnatural and do non function the intent of reproduction. & # 8220 ; Do non lie with a adult male as one lies with a adult female ; that is detestable. & # 8221 ; Although the homosexual act is a wickedness, homophiles themselves are non automatically evildoers for holding these unnatural sexual feelings. They should non be condemned by society for this status. & # 8220 ; Although the peculiar disposition of the homosexual individual is non a wickedness, it is more or less strong inclination ordered toward an intrinsic moral immorality ; and therefore the disposition itself must be seen as an nonsubjective disorder. & # 8221 ; We should understand that homosexualism is morally incorrect, but such persons should non be held morally responsible, unless they act upon their sexual desires. It is non iniquitous if homophiles portion their love, every bit long as they do non hold sex. Sexual activity is ever iniquitous if it is non for reproduction. With rare exclusions, homosexualism is neither inherited nor the consequence of a perturbation within the chromosomes or DNA. Homosexuals are made, non born that manner. Buried under the & # 8216 ; gay & # 8217 ; outside of the homophile is the injury and fury that crippled his or her capacity for true ripening, for healthy growing and love. Homosexuality is a status like any other and could likely be over come with the appropriate therapy. Unless homophiles can alter and larn to populate in a normal heterosexual matrimony, so celibacy is the lone end. However you disagree with homosexualism or their life styles, it is incorrect to reprobate them in any manner, form or signifier.

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& # 8220 ; It is distressing that homosexual individuals have been and are the object of violent maliciousness in address or in action. Such intervention deserves disapprobation from the church & # 8217 ; s curates wherever it occurs. It reveals a sort of neglect for others which endangers the most cardinal rules of a healthy society. The intrinsic self-respect of each individual must ever be respected in word, in action and in law. & # 8221 ; We must understand that although moving out on homosexual desires is iniquitous, homophiles themselves are non & # 8220 ; evil & # 8221 ; or evildoers. We should acknowledge that the church does non excuse homosexual Acts of the Apostless and hence they should endeavor to be chaste. Two people of the same sex can ne’er reproduce, so it would be iniquitous for them to take part in sex.

Pre-marital sex is a large issu

vitamin E among adolescents today. Because of the media and peer force per unit area, sex is portrayed to us as something that “everyone is doing” . The thought of sex strictly for reproduction between two persons in a loving matrimony has been lost. But the fact of the affair is that non “everyone” is making it. For adolescents, celibacy is a much better manner. Not merely is it morally correct, it besides takes away a batch of the jobs that come along with sex, such as gestation, sexually transmitted diseases, or the perchance more serious emotional reverberations. “Millions have died from pre-marital sex, but no 1 has of all time died from chastity.” Teenss should be better educated about sex. If given all the right information, they are much more likely to do the practical and moral pick, being celibacy. Education nevertheless, is cardinal, since we are invariably being bombarded by the media stating us to hold sex. Everything around us these yearss seems to be about sex. Everytime we turn on the telecasting, travel to the films, listen to music, it is everyplace and we can non conceal from it. So alternatively, we should larn that merely because these are the options being offered to us, it doesn t mean that they are the correct or moral 1s. ” every venereal act must be within the model of marriage.” Pre-marital sex is a iniquitous and frequently foolish act. As adolescents, we should all pattern celibacy and acknowledge that sex is a sacred brotherhood between two married individuals. Not merely some commercialised perverse signifier of pleasance.

Chastity is the best and most moral manner to move upon sex. Whether you are a homosexual, or an un-married individual, the intent of sex should ever be to reproduce, and non merely for pleasance. & # 8220 ; Sex gets in the manner of loving one another and sex gets in the manner of long God when it is pursued outside of marriage. & # 8221 ; This is a moral absolute that we should transport with us throughout our lives. Particularly for adolescents, who are so frequently below the belt pressured about sex. Illegitimate sex leads to many jobs. Young adolescent female parents are frequently & # 8220 ; forced & # 8221 ; into holding abortions because they can non take attention of a kid at such a immature age. If we practiced celibacy, adolescents wouldn & # 8217 ; t be acquiring pregnant. & # 8220 ; Chastity doesn & # 8217 ; t harm us. Chastity is a virtuousness that regulates human love. Chastity is pureness of head, organic structure, and soul. & # 8221 ; This besides applies to homophiles. They can pattern celibacy, and at the same clip still hold a loving relationship with a spouse of the same sex. Everybody wins with celibacy. If you were chaste before you were married, it is besides more likely for your matrimony to last, forestalling divorce. Being chaste gives you clip to develop emotional relationships foremost, alternatively of the other manner around. Often what happens is after the physical, twosomes break up because they feel that the end of the relationship has already been reached. & # 8220 ; One chief ground for divorce is lack of emotional familiarity. & # 8216 ; You have to develop familiarity in all countries & # 8211 ; including emotional, physical, rational, even musical & # 8211 ; to hold a happy marriage. & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; Chastity is an alternate that we all as Christians should see. By being chaste, we are taking control of our lives, and taking a moral and practical base.

Our universe has become a commercial topographic point, where ethical motives, values, and faith are put aside for the bigger, richer, and more glamourous modern society. Homosexuality and sex are romanticized and embraced but all in the incorrect ways. We as Christians should retrieve that sex is a sacred brotherhood between a loving, married twosome. God gave us the gift of sex so that our species could transport on and flourish. Let us non falsify this beautiful gift. Respect it, and care for it, by being chaste.


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