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Carolyn P. Fazio

English 330: Prof. Zeikowitz

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September 23, 1999

Response II

The debut of the Black Night in the Book of the Duchess, provides an interesting redirection of focal point sing the storyteller? s narrative of enduring. Such focal point turns towards the Black Night and his narrative as the storyteller additions compassion beyond himself and examine into the strivings of the knight. However, the kineticss between them are non founded in brotherly-like support ; alternatively, the storyteller, although really inferior to the knight, ironically appears emotionally superior, moving more like a fatherlike figure willing and able to decide the knights struggles, while at the same time offering the storyteller penetration into, every bit good as relief from, his ain strivings. Interestingly, in taking a psychological position, the storyteller seems to hold created another? ego? in his dream in order to decide his ain love illness.

Although the storyteller does non digest most of the knight? s ailment, he creates an semblance that he listens good to the Black Knight? s narrative and offers verification of this incompatibility? Ye Han wel told me herebefore/ Hyt ys no nede to reherse it more? ( lines 1127-1128 ) . Ironically, the storyteller prompts the Black Knight to go on his narrative and offer more inside informations? But wolde ye tel me the manere/ To engage which was your firste speche? ( lines 1130-1131 ) , yet the terminal of the narrative shocks the reader into the realisation of the con

stant disagreements

within the storyteller? s character and whether he is genuinely understanding the knight? s ailment. However, one can simply construe the storyteller? s incoherence as a societal defect, or in the option, as a necessity, enabling him to examine himself and listen to his ain narrative of love and loss at a distance, while guaranting that no portion of the grieving procedure is left un-addressed.

Indeed, while it is acknowledged that about any knight could make full the function of a heart-broken lover, it seems peculiarly relevant that the storyteller specifically encounters the Black Knight. Possibly it is to further this thought of emotional similitude, as category does non distinguish for the intent of love illness, decease or infidelity. Surely, small fluctuation is noted between the narratives of the knight and the storyteller.

Lines 710-13 are declarative of this self-revelation. The compassionate storyteller feels the Black Knight? s hurting? whan I herde hym tel thys tale/ Hyt dyde myn herte so moche woo? ( lines 710,13 ) , the same compassion he felt while reading Seys and Alcyone. However, in the following few lines ( 715-19 ) he becomes hypocritical as he advises the Black Knight to? Have some pitee on your nature/ That formed yow to creature? while the storyteller himself is unable to carry through this undertaking.

Therefore, although accent is re-directed to the Black Knight? s ailment, the displacement is basically inclusive of the storyteller? s narrative, since he created the narrative every bit good as this other half of himself.


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