Cheating Student

There is a big problem in schools, especially high school and university that some students always cheat when they have the exam. School is a place that provides the education for students. Before educate students, the school has to test the ability of students many time in order to predict that they have enough ability to use their knowledge in their life. However, if the test is not able to work well, so what will be happened? So that, there are two main reasons that cause of cheating students.

The first main reason of cheating student is from themselves. Because some students are unhealthy, so that they need to cheat in the test in order to pass the exam. In fact, some unhealthy students cannot remember the lesson well, so they have to cheat for pass the test. Moreover, students are likely to cheat during the test because they careless while studying, beside of that they do some other useless thing such as playing games, chatting internet, watching TV, going out with friends and so forth. In addition, they think that cheating in the exam can make them get high score and do not spend much time to think on it. In contrast, students had already known how to do the test, but they still are cheating because they do not have the confident on themselves. Second reason of the cheating student is from outside themselves.

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The main point is the quality of the educational structure. The school dose not set the rule to defend the cheating student. For instance, while the students are cheating, the teacher does not strengthen that action, does not feel strongly about the cheating students and does not respond strongly when it happen? Therefore, it makes the students cheat during the exam again and again. Furthermore, students so not have much time to study at home or schools. For example, some students are busy with their works because they need to earn money to support their study.

In conclusion, the two main reasons that cause of cheating students are from themselves and outside themselves. Therefore, the students who are always cheating in the exam should be changing this attitude. Because when they cheat,

they exactly get high score or good result, but the knowledge that they get from their study is very low. And these bad habits will affect on their career in the future because they do not have enough ability to complete their job and it makes their society develop less and less.


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