& # 8217 ; s Daughter Essay, Research Paper

A characters environment reveals a great trade about his

personality. In Chee & # 8217 ; s Daughter by Juanita Platero and

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Siyowin Miller this theory is displayed. In this narrative a immature

Navajo Indian miss is taken from her place by her asleep

female parent & # 8217 ; s parents. Two different environments which reflect

values and personalities are conflicting. A immature traditional

Navajo, Chee, and a non-traditional Navajo man of affairs,

Old Man Fat, battle over Chee & # 8217 ; s girl, Little One. The two

clearly different scenes in this narrative reflect the

personalities of the supporter, Chee, and the adversary

Old Man Fat.

Chee & # 8217 ; s puting reflects his caring nature. He shows this

by caring for the land he lives on like a male parent would make for

his boy. He shows that he cares for the land by believing that

& # 8220 ; if he sang the proper vocals, if he cared for the land

dependably, it would non abandon him now & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( 82 ) Chee is seeking

to turn nutrient and he thinks that if he cares for the land and

respects it that the Earth would in bend make the nutrient grow

good. Another manner to demo this is how Chee thought that if he

& # 8220 ; Take attention of the land and it will take attention of you. & # 8221 ; ( 81 ) Chee

cared and respected the land and in bend the land gave him

nutrient for which he would to barter back Small One from Old

Man Fat. Chee treats the land as an equal. & # 8220 ; he felt so

strongly that merely now this was something between himself


d the land.” ( 82 ) Chee treats the land as an equal, respects

it and it respects him by giving him the nutrient he needs.

Where he lives is pure and existent, like the Earth.

The puting Old Man Fat chooses to populate in reflects his

personality and values. Old Man Fat owns a little shop one

the side of the main road that disregards some Navaho

imposts and beliefs. He does this by flashing & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; pseudo-

Navajo designs on the roof. & # 8221 ; ( 78 ) This is really disrespectful to

his folk. He does non even seek to happen some existent Navaho

symbols with existent significance. Another manner Old Man Fat & # 8217 ; s

values are portrayed in his scene is how he has a & # 8220 ; garish

blue door which faced North to the highway. & # 8221 ; ( 78 ) Navaho

American indians face their Hogans, places, to the E so that they

awake with the Sun which symbolizes a new beginning. Last

Old Man Fat & # 8217 ; s puting reflects his personality is when he has

his grand-daughter, Little One, base in a Hogan so that

tourers could & # 8220 ; see inside a existent Navajo place 25 c. & # 8221 ; This

depicts his personality because it shows that he would instead

do money than to hold his grand-daughter shown-off like

an exhibit.

In the narrative two contrasting scenes display opposite

personalities. Old Man Fat & # 8217 ; s disrespectful, avaricious nature

clangs with Chee & # 8217 ; s respectful and unselfish ways. This universe

would be a whole batch better if it was filled with more people

like Chee alternatively of those profiteering gourmands like Old Man



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