Cheetah 2 Essay, Research Paper


( Acinonyx Jubatus )

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I chose to make my telecasting undertaking on the chetah which I saw on

the Discovery Channel. Although I knew some interesting features

on the chetah, I did go on to detect some facts I did non cognize. Those of which are written in the remainder of the paper along with some facts I

thought were pretty cool.

The chetah is an endangered species and has been for quit some clip. This is chiefly due to poachers who hunt and kill this animate being for it s celebrated pelt of different colourss. It s coat is really harsh and a goldish colour including some unit of ammunition black musca volitanss for disguise. It has tear strips

running from it s eyes to it s nose. The following portion was surprising to me in

that the chetah is merely 44-53 inches long. On the Television they ever seem bigger somehow. And the tail is about 26-33 inches long! Their mean weight is 86-143 lbs, surprisingly light for such a powerful animate being.

It s low weight, it seems, is what allows it hold it s high top velocity


60 stat mis per hr. It is regarded as one the fastest huntsmans in the universe

and of class, the fastest land animate being in being. I besides found that it s

home ground is in the grassy fields of Africa. This is decidedly a great topographic point for it to conceal based on it s coat colour. It is because of this combination of tall grass and disguise coat which allows the chetah to stalk and catch

it s quarry. These normally consist of gazelles, wild Sus scrofa, or reasonably much any

animal it can manage. However, the regular scope for it s nutrient is about 88

lbs. The chetah so drags the meat to it s place, off from prising animate beings, and banquets on it instantly.

The chetah is a really interesting, lone animate being which I have ever been interested in and was contented to research and larn many facts on this brilliant animate being I did non cognize before the undertaking. From the length and weight of the animate being to it s eating wonts, I found it to be a really interesting animate being and one I would urge to be researched by anyone interested in wild animate beings, particularly cats.


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