This is the bushel’s innocent The stealthy leopard parodied With grinning, gangling pup-content. Slouching through the tawny grass Or loose-limbed lolling in the shade, Purring for the sun to pass And build a twilight barricade Around the vast arena where; In scattered herds, his grazing prey Do not suspect in what wild fear They’ll Join with him in fatal play; Till hunger draws slack sinews tight And vibrant as a hunter’s bow; Then, like a fleck of mottled light, He slides across the still plateau.

A tremor rakes the herds: they scent The pungent breeze of his advance; Heads rear and Jerk in vigilant Compliance with the game of chance In which, of thousands, only one Is centered in the cheetah’s eye; They wheel and then stampede, for none Knows which it is that has to die. His stealth and swiftness fling a noose And as his loping strides begin To blur with speed, he ropes the loose Buck on the red horizon in. Outline This poem shows the game of chance involved when a predator attacks his prey. The Cheetah looks harmless and awkward like a puppy.

He relaxes in the shade but radically focuses in on scattered herds that have no idea that he will attack them. Gradually, hunger tightens his muscles and he slides along the plain ready to hunt. The herd senses his approach and they Jerk up, watchful. This is a game of chance in which only one will die, but none knows which the cheetah has his eye on. His speed seems to tiling a rope n. TN a loose knot around them and en pulls one in. Analysis Indolent: Indolent meaner lazy and he says the cheetah has the gentle,soft eyes of a kitten. Subfield’s innocent: An innocent is one who does not know what evil and rang are parodied: A parody is a mockery or pokes fun at something serious – so the lazy, puppy-like, awkward cheetah mocks the dangerous leopard pup-content: The poet uses the words ‘pup-content’ as a comparison (metaphor) – the cheetah is like a pup – happy and lazy Slouching: The words ‘slouching’ and ‘lolling’ and ‘purring’ build on the same ideas of laziness, harmlessness, and banners in the first stanza. Sun to pass: Her is a hint of danger. As soon as it gets dark we cannot see danger coming. Twilight barricade: barricade suggests war and danger.

The evening fences n his prey so they won’t be able to escape his attack. This stanza 3 mixes gentle words and the danger words, e. G. ‘grazing’ and ‘prey, fatal’ and ‘play. This stanza shifts the whole mood from gentle amusement of the first two stanzas to the powerful and dangerous mood of the next. Note the words wild fear. Arena: The Romans fought each other to death in arenas. Closed off battle ground. Fatal: meaner ends in death. The words in stanza 4 change the image of the cheetah from an innocent creature to a powerful and dangerous one. Sinews tight, hunter’s bow, suggest stealth and danger. Brand: strong and vibrating as a hunter’s bow: this is a simile. It compares the sinews of the cheetah to the bow and arrow of a hunter. Both deliver death. It’s tight and fast. Like a fleck of mottled light: It moves so fast you can hardly see it. This is a simile. Stanza 5: The heard trembles as they sense the closeness of the cheetah. Compliance: meaner acting according to certain accepted standards. The herd accepts that they have no choice but to play the game. Game: at this point the next play or game begins. This is the game of life or death. Stanza 6: This stanza describes the game of life and death.

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Imagine a casino table, all the money – no one knows who will win or lose. One out of a thousand will die. Only the cheetah knows which antelope is in his eye. Stanza 7 stealth swiftness: Alliteration of ‘s’ suggests speed and gliding motion and a ‘hiss’ of danger. Noose: A Noose is the rope which goes around the neck of a man who is hanged. The cheetah is now Death. Not the movement from Stanza 1 – 7 Kitten to death loose: the buck that goes away from the herd red horizon: the color of the sunset is red, which is also a symbol of blood and death. That is how the game ends.


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