To determine the vlslble emission colour produced from burning different metal Ions and some elements/molecules. Method: The flame colours for each metal Ion were discovered and published by scientists and chemists. The primary method for research was the use of the internet, only specifically trustworthy sites, Results: Colour of the emission produced when certain substances are heated. Substance emission colour Sodium Chloride (Na+Cl-) Yellow

Strontium Chloride (Sr2+Cl-2) Red copper (l) Nitrate (Cu+NO-3) Blue-Green copper (II) Chloride (Cu2+Cl-2) Blue Barium Chloride (Ba24Cl -2) Green Hydrogen (H2) Neon (Ne) Red-orange Discussion/Concluslon: When the atoms are heated, it gives them energy. This forces the electrons to go to a higher shell, and this is described as the electrons being in the excited state. The electrons then return down to a lower level shell, and this is described as the electrons being In the ground state.

During this transition between these states, photons are created, which In turn, creates light. The blue line here shows the excited electrons travelling towards a higher energy level. and the red line shows the electrons emitting photons and returning to the ground state. Hgher energy emissions are a lot shorter in wavelength than lower energy emissions, 1 OF2 energy emission would. This is how we find the light spectrum, which shows which wavelengths emit which colour light.

In this case, when each element is burnt, ecomes excited and then returns to the ground state, whichever the wavelength is, is what colour light is given off. As you can see here, higher energy emissions are seen as ‘cooler colours’, e. g. violet, indigo, blue and green; while as the visible light spectrum travels down to lower energy emissions with longer wavelengths, the colours become warmer. Every single element is unique though, each emission colour being slightly different, depending on the energy of the photons released through transition back to ground state.

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