A) The minister op employment and agriculture

I think that the building of a smelter in Delphi is a positive addition to this area because it will create many new jobs but also, it will make up a great percentage of the income in that area.

This smelter will make the cooperation between Greece, Poland and Russia stronger. This is important for our international ties and our economy. We also hope that further cooperation will result from these countries or even other countries and that we will therefore, earn even more money.

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With this money we can build better housing and a hospital closer to this area. We can also subsidize new companies that want to set up in Delphi. The smelter and power plant will attract more people to the area. This will again create new job opportunities in the service and the industry sector. It is very important for us to bring down the unemployment rate and we feel that this is an efficient way to do this.

Poland and Russia have promised to buy the aluminum and the price that they will pay for the coal is guaranteed. They will also provide finance and equipment for the smelter. This therefore means that there are minimal risks for us and that it will be a guaranteed profit. In result of this our economy will grow greatly.

The disadvantages of the smelter and power plant are that the best vineyards in Greece will be destroyed from the substances released from the burning of fossil fuels. Such as: CO, SO2, CO2 and Nitrogen Oxide. Hotels and other tourist services will be shut down because the tourists will stay away. This however, we hope to compensate with the new jobs and money for the area.

B) Minister of Tourism and Culture

The building of a smelter in Delphi will have an extremely negative impact on the tourism and the culture in this area and country.

We can and should not destroy the Doric Temple of Apollo which was build in 548 BC. It has great historic significance to our country and it is greatly viewed and visited by tourists from all over the world. However, by building the smelter and the power plant we will ruin this temple.

By burning of fossil fuels such as what the smelter and power plant will be doing, releases SO2 and nitrogen oxide. These two gases contribute to acid rain which will again damage the remains of the Doric Temple of Apollo.

The tourists will stay away because of the damaging of the ruins and the poor environment. Many tourists also come for the famous Greek vineyards which grow some of the best wine in this country. This of course is horrible for Delphi and its reputation.

If this tourist destination is shut down we can risk visiting rates for other monument in this part of Greece to go down as well. Many people take the trip from or to Athens as well as visiting Delphi and so these places will also be affected by the smelter.

C) Minister of Agriculture and Environment

If the Smelter and Power plant in Delphi is built, the environment and agriculture in the area will suffer dramatically.

The power plant and smelter will destroy the millions of olive trees and some of the best vineyards in the surrounding. This is because when fossil fuels are burned SO2 and Nitrogen Oxide is released. These to gasses are present in acid rain and destroy these vineyards. The olive trees will be polluted with the gasses in the air, the farmers will then take the olives and grapes and make wine and olive oil out of it. The polluted products will then be sold across Europe.

The air will also be polluted because when burning fossil fuels CO2 will be released. This gas is the main cause for the green house effect and therefore global warming. Also CO is produced which is a very poisonous gas that stops oxygen from being bonded in the blood and therefore can prevent proper breathing and can cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning which can be lethal for animal and humans.

3) My opinion

I feel that this proposal should be turned down. I think so because of the touristy and cultural disadvantages but also because of the agricultural and environmental issues. I don’t feel that the economical issues are positive enough to overlap the other factors.

The cultural and touristic factors are that factors are that when you build the smelter and power station this will cause acid rain and ruin the temple. The tourists will no longer come to see the temple and the tourism is gone. Acid rain is caused by the release of SO2 and nitrogen oxide in the air and acid rain will cause erosion to the statue and therefore the statue will eventually be ruined.

The other factor for turning down this proposal is that the environment will be dramatically affected. This smelter and power station will destroy the olive trees and vineyards in this area and it will pollute the air dramatically and contribute largely to the greenhouse effect and global warming. This is due to the gasses that it lets out; these gasses are CO2, SO2 and nitrogen oxide.

The health of the inhabitants is also affected by the CO that is released. This can lead to the Carbon Monoxide poisoning which can be lethal. Also, solid particles or soot will be lingering in the air and will be inhaled by the inhabitants. This also seriously damages your body, your lungs to be more specific. Inhaling soot can lead to lung diseases such as bronchitis. For these reasons it would be unwise to olive anywhere near the city and again, the tourism will disappear.


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