Paper Chromatography of Powdered Beverage Mix Purpose/Objective: The purpose is to be able to use liquid chromatography to separate dyes in a powdered beverage mix, calculate the RFC values for each dye, and rank the polarity of each dye present. Hypothesis: If we are to use the liquid chromatography to investigate the different dyes, then I think the different dyes will come up having different polarities and RFC values.

Procedure/Method: Draw a line across the paper, 1 CM from the bottom use toothpick to put a drop of the beverage onto the center of the line Repeat for the another flavor beverage on another piece of paper Pour water into beaker Tape each paper to a pencil and hang papers in the different beakers Make sure paper is in water but water level is not over the drawn line Record observations Keep paper In until water almost reaches the top of the paper Take them out to dry Measure water and Individual dye distances Data and Observations: Beverage flavor: Grape Dyes listed on package: Red 40, Blue 1 Distance Traveled water 7 CM Blue Colored Dye 1 CM Pink Colored Dye 3. 5 CM Observations: Split into 2 colors (pink and blue) Blue on top and pink on the bottom Beverage flavor: Pink Lemonade Dyes listed on package: Red 40 Water 7. 5 CM Yellow Colored Dye 4. 5 CM Very feint yellowish color Data Analysis/Questions for Analysis: 1. Sample 1: seen to have red 40 and blue 1 Sample 2: supposed to have red 40, but was seen to have yellow 5 2. RFC of blue dye: 1/7 or . 143 Roof pink dye: 3. 5/7 or . 5 RFC of yellow dye: 4. 5/7. 5 or . 6 3. Ranking dye (in polarity): yellow; pink; blue Evaluation/Conclusion: Evaluation The experiment turned out as I expected.

The different dyes also had different RFC values and polarities. Some degrees of error in the experiment could have been selling the beverages, the accuracy of the measurements, or any mathematical errors or small mistakes that may have occurred sometime in the data. Some of the errors might have been blocked if things like checking measurements and labels and fixing inaccurate math problems. Overall, the purpose was to learn how to use chromatography. Using the experiment, I think we have completed the purpose. Conclusion From the comparison of all the different types of beverages to get the dye measurements, the ranking of the dye used were in this order: yellow, pink, blue.


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