Chicken Pox Essay, Research Paper

Everybody knows what the poulet syphilis are, they are

when you get knock all over your organic structure. The cause of the

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poulet syphilis is the virus chickenpox. Males and females are

both able to acquire the virus, but kids ages five to six are

the most likely to be infected.Like I said poulet syphilis is caused by the virus

chickenpox. Chicken syphilis is really contagious and unless you

got it at birth one onslaught carries womb-to-tomb unsusceptibility. The

concatenation infection is merely present if a group of people come in

contact with an septic individual or anything the septic

individual has come in contact with. It is normally received in

the cooler months of the twelvemonth and goes off by itself in

two to three hebdomads. The symptoms of poulet syphilis is a roseola that appears

after about three yearss. In order it starts at the bole ( the

legs ) , spreads to the face, and so to the appendages. The

infected individual will acquire to temperatures of one hundred and

two grades Fahrenheit and that will last throughout the

jailbreak. The roseola is rather antsy and becomes dry, crusted,

and falls off in a hebdomad. More bumps will come about every

& lt ;< p>three yearss. Scars will be present if they get infected, severely

scratched or removed. A doctor is non normally non needed to do a

diagnosing but after the symptoms appear it is still best to

do certain it is the poulet syphilis and non something much

worse. The doctor can easy do a diagnosing by

look intoing the basic symptoms. Chicken syphilis is controlled by maintaining the infected

individual and anything the septic individual has come in

contact with off from any people who have ne’er

become septic. There is non truly a intervention, merely

medical specialty so that the roseola does non rub. The disease blows

over by itself.The disease can non truly be prevented because about

everybody gets it. The lone safeguards a individual can take

is to remain out of contact with people that are presently

infected and anything they have in contact with.The result is normally that the roseola and febrility go off and the individual will come back to normal. Unless the

individual got the disease when they were newborn they will

ne’er acquire the disease once more. If they scratched the strikebreaker or

they let them acquire infected so there will be cicatrixs. Besides

that the individual will be all right.


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