Child Labor Laws were passed to end child labor Yes, because children were no longer allowed to work and the Children’s Bureau was created which monitors the safety and well-being of children No, child labor s mostly unheard of and considered inhumane mostly The Poor Social Gospel Movement Somewhat, settlement houses were created for those without homes and poor relief was fought for by the Social Gospels Somewhat, the poorest person in America is still richer than the majority of people in other countries and we have multiple programs that raise up those who need help City Conditions Programs were created to help clean up cities and keep them safe and maintained The cities were still difficult to keep clean and disease was rampant

Mostly, cities are still difficult to maintain but new technology and awareness keep them mostly clean and safe Part 2 interviewed a friend of mine who tutors at a middle school. She has been tutoring for three years. Her reasons for volunteering are that she enjoys helping kids learn and believes that education is a very important thing. The organization that she volunteers for goes to the middle school every morning and tutors the kids who have difficulty with their classes. An organization like this is needed in our community because everybody in my town does not believe that education is important for the future and tutoring children at a younger, more impressionable age makes an impact. She described her love for watching kids get excited about learning and doing their work. Every time we all walk into the room, the kid’s race to their tutor, eager to learn more,” she said. As volunteers, the main issue that they face is those kids who don’t care. “Nothing hurts more than those children who deeply believe that they don’t have a future and therefore don’t deed school. “Volunteer work has helped me learn about my own ability as a teacher and just how truly satisfying it is to help kids, and just how badly it hurts when they don’t want help. I remember one girl in the fifth grade who came in every morning with her hair covering her face. She always sat in the corner away from everybody and refused to talk to anybody.

One day, I walked up to her and asked her if she would like to join my tutoring session, I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed. I found out that her name was Katie and her parents had just one through a tough divorce and that she felt responsible for it. She was deeply depressed but as the tutoring sessions progressed, I saw that she was a very intelligent and lively young girl. I had helped her to open up and made a friend for life which was deeply rewarding. ” She advises all those who want to become volunteers to volunteer for something that lines up with your interests and what you want to do in the future. “If you hate animals, obviously don’t sign up to work at an animal shelter. Do what you love and you will truly make an impact. ”

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