The fact is eating unhealthy food is really not any cheaper than a home-cooked meal. A meal at Wendy for a family of four consists of two kids cheeseburgers, two bacon cheeseburgers, 4 large fries, two small and two large sodas, and could cost between $20-25 for Just one meal. Think about how expensive that can add up to if it becomes a daily routine. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a home-cooked meal for less expense and receive more food for one’s money. For instance, one can cook a pot of spaghetti and meat sauce for about $12-$15.

There are more options to substitute when dining in to eat even cheaper, such as only asking spaghetti sauce from the can. Nearly 50 million Americans who are enrolled in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP) receive about $5 per person, per day which is far from ideal but enough to survive (Mark Batman, 2011). The problem of cooking at home is that it is considered work to parents, unlike fast food which is quick and convenient. Parents would rather drive up and wait five minutes for food rather than spend hours in the kitchen cooking every day.

In 2010 the average American, regardless of weekly earnings, watched no less than an hour and half of television per day, therefore the time is there (Mark Batman, 2011). Once parents come home from work, they would rather relax than cook a healthy meal for their family. In order to turn this problem around, a real cultural change is in demand. There needs to be a solution to prevent people from constantly spending money on fast food, and to begin cooking from home. Another way to improve child’s health is becoming physically active.

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Obesity is defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat (Lehman, 1987). Not only is eating unhealthy a factor of becoming obese but also not being physically active. School based interventions may be effective if there is sufficient administrative support, reorganizations of the physical education structure, and a shift from competition to an orientation of life- long fitness (Marker-Strainer & Story, 1999). Many children who are already overweight, do not like to be physically active because it is an embarrassment for him or her.

For example, children can be competitive when it comes to physical activities, therefore if another child is not good at the activity, sometimes they will get taunted. From my own experience, my least favorite class in school was physical education, I as always very insecure and because I was not athletic, I would get laughed at. Nearly half of all young people 12-21 years of age are not vigorously active; moreover physical activity declines during adolescence (Richard Worship, 1996).

The daily attendance in physical education declined from approximately 45 percent to 25 percent since the sass’s (Richard Worship, 1996). Parents are a child’s biggest role model, therefore the children will follow in their footsteps such as being active. It is important for parents to encourage children to be physically active and explain to them the prevention of becoming obese. Children are exposed to advertising from the moment they are born, which is why parents should fight for advertising of fatty foods be changed to help children who are obese.

If a child is constantly being reminded of commercials advertising different types of Junk food, he or she will be more likely to eat these substances. Vice President of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Scott Faber states, “a group that represents food makers, said that ads for packaged foods on television shows aimed at children 2 to 1 had dropped significantly since 2004, and that the ads more often showed healthier types of food”. The F. T. C. Said that, “in 2006, food companies spent nearly $2. Billion to advertise to children”. Obesity would not be a problem if these kids were not always being associated with these advertisements. For instance, there are several type of new Ore cookies now such as double stuffed, strawberry stuffed, chocolate stuffed, etc. The more advertising children are in contact with then they will be more likely to eat these foods. In conclusion, obesity has become one of America’s major problems today. Children and adults are dying every day because of this horrific disease.

Therefore, there needs to be more action taken to prevent children from becoming obese which starts off with help from the parents. The parents are responsible for what type of foods their child intakes. Preventing these children from being exposed to fast food and Junk food will allow these children to live a happy and healthy life. Parents need a child’s health as their first priority rather than expense and convenience of constantly eating out. These children also need to be taught the consequences of what eating fatty foods will do to the body and be more involved tit physical activities.


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