For this assignment. I observed my six twelvemonth old niece. Faustine Bui who was born on August 16. 2007. at the park where I was babysitting her with her ma for about 30 proceedingss. The park I observed her at is packed with kids and Canis familiariss are allowed. There is a big drama country with jungle-jims and slide and it includes a flaxen country which has a assortment of playing equipment every bit good. I foremost observed Faustine’s biosocial development such as physical growing. gross motor and all right motor accomplishments. Faustine is 3 pess tall and she weighs 41 lbs harmonizing to my Aunt. She is a small shorter than a batch of the six twelvemonth old that she hangs out with and the 1s in the park but I think that her tallness is in the normal scope for childs her age and sing that her parents are already short to get down with. I am non surprised that she is a small shorter than all the other childs. Faustine used to look like a really embonpoint babe with a big caput and stubby limbs but she’s grown up now to be really thin. She is non embonpoint nor manner excessively scraggy. Harmonizing to our text edition. “The Developing Person Through the Lifespan” . Faustine’s physical growing is normal.

By the age of six. the mean child weighs between 40 and 50 lbs and is at least 3 ? pess tall. They have adult like organic structure proportions which means that their legs constitute about half their entire tallness and they are normally thin sing kids around ages five and six have the lowest organic structure fat compared to all the other ages. I believe that Faustine’s thin figure isn’t merely due to the normal growing form around her age but that shes thin because of her eating wonts at place. Fat isn’t truly common in her diet at place and veggies and fruits are compulsory for three repasts a twenty-four hours. mundane. I can besides state she eats healthy because for our trip to the park today. my aunt brought a container of fruits and a couple bottles of homemade fruit juice. Faustine’s gross and motor accomplishments are up to par with the accomplishments of kids her age. I observed her running across the park many times with the other kids and even crushing them in the race that they were keeping. She had a difficult clip suppressing the jugle-jim though. She kept toddling back and forth every clip she tried to acquire her pess up on the following saloon and she finally gave up and refused to return to the jungle jim once more.

She threw a few balls here and at that place but she was unable to throw it really far or accurate. By the age of three. kids can already kick. throw. leap and climb things such as ladder. By the age of six. kids can jump. ascent trees and over things. and catch a ball ( uofmchildrenshospital. org ) . I was unable to detect a batch of all right motor accomplishments from Faustine but she did pick up a stick from the land. keep it like a normal grownup would keep a pencil. and started pulling in the sand. By the age of 2. kids can scrabble. fold paper. pull perpendicular lines and pull off semi-large object with their custodies. By the age of six. kids can copy letters. appreciation pencils like a adult grownup. and transcript complex forms ( kamloopschildrenstherapy. org ) . I so observed her cognitive accomplishments which included her linguistic communication. memory. and perceptual experience. When detecting Faustine. I realized that she is one highly chatty kid. She would speak about everything and anything sometimes she’d merely sit in forepart of us and speak to us and to herself while playing in the sand. Harmonizing to Lev Vygotsky and his societal acquisition theory. kids use private address ( “The internal duologue that occurs when people talk to themselves. either mutely or out loud” ( The Developing Person Through the Lifespan ) ) to reexamine. decidem and explicate events to themselves.

Lev Vygotsky’s theories “stress the cardinal function of societal interaction in the development of knowledge. as he believed strongly that community plays a cardinal function in the procedure of ‘making meaning’” ( simplypsychology. org ) . A batch of the things she would state to us would be inquiry like “why this” and “why that” . Other times she would run up to us merely to chatter out a really absurd sentences and run away and other times she would merely run up to the other kids and do conversation with them. Her vocabulary has about to the full developed and all her sentences made sense even though what she was say were so cockamamie and wild. She is a balanced bilingual and can talk Vietnamese and English fluently. All of this is normal for a kid her age. A the age of 3 kids can babble and feign to read. by the age of five. kids begin to read. talk. and write and by the age of six. a kid has about developed their linguistic communication accomplishments full ( ed. gov ) . I was unable to detect Faustine’s memory during my twenty-four hours at the park with her but harmonizing to Baddeley’s theoretical account of working memory. kids ages 4 and up have gained accomplishments in working memory. Memory of kids under age 7 is really weak but over seven. kids memory have improved to the point where they can retrieve non merely what happened. but where and when these things happened ( sciencedaily. com ) .

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Faustine was really cognizant of her surrounding. She liked to delve in the sand to happen pebbles and other little objects. She was really funny about things around the park and would travel researching with the other kids. I so observed Faustine’s psychosocial accomplishments. Faustine is non a diffident miss. She ran through the park doing friends with everyone she bumped into and she even went up to an highly diffident small miss and talked to her as if they have been best friends everlastingly. She barely came up to inquire us to play with her and sometimes acted like we weren’t even at that place. Harmonizing to our text edition. kids “prefer to play with equals instead than entirely or with parents” . It besides states that immature kids like to play with childs their age and of same societal position. In the instance of Faustine. she merely liked to befriend any child that was there at the park and willing to play with her. Faustine and the other kids did a batch of sociodramatic playing where they would stand on top of the drama equipment and make-believe to be pirate by scoping out the “sea” and utilizing the slide when they want other kids to “walk the plank” .

She was really friendly to everybody and didn’t cause any problem with the other kids. She was eager to acquire back to the resort area to play with the other kids every clip we called her back to set her apparels or have her eat her bites. Harmonizing to Erik Erikson and his phases of psychosocial development. which are eight “ phases through which a healthily developing human should go through from babyhood to late adulthood” ( simplypsychology. org ) . Faustine is in the Competence Stage ( Industry vs. Inferiority ) . The age scope for this phase is five to twelve old ages and this is the phase where Children go more cognizant of themselves as persons. They work hard at being responsible. being good and making it right ( http: //psychology. about. com ) . I saw this in Faustine because she seldom needed us for anything while she was at the park and she liked to research and larn things on her ain wish how to work the equipment. I think that Faustine still need to larn about the feeling of other people. She loved to do friends and speak to all the kids at the park but she did non gain that some of the kids merely wanted to be left entirely of didn’t like and but she kept prevailing on doing friends with them anyways.

She besides needs to be more cognizant of her environing. Although Faustine loved to research the park and things around her. she didn’t recognize what was traveling on around her with the other kids. For illustration. she kept leaping from childs to childs non recognizing that they were in the center of drama with her. She would leap from one country to the following and bury where she had antecedently left her playthings. and on some occasions. she even forgot that we were still watching her because she was to capture in her ain activities. During my observation. I observed that Faustine is a really healthy and fit kid. Her biosocial. cognitive. and psychosocial development is up to par compared to kids of the same age as her. She is really athletic and her societal accomplishments are really strong.


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