It was my mums fortieth birthday and she was struggling to come to a decision to what she was going to get. It had to be special, but would it be a cat, a holiday or home improvements?

The verdict was enounced a week before her birthday. It would be a cat. At first I didn’t think that a cat would be different from pervious cats we owned, which had tragically passed away, but I was wrong. My mum, a cat person, spent many hours of her free time, researching the best breed of cat would suit our hectic life style. Eventually she thought that the breeds of cat most suited to us were Burmese or Siamese. Both my parents had when they were knee high to a grass hopper.

I wasn’t prepared to for the three hour trip to the cat man, so my mum could select the victim. The journey was made longer by my Mum sing along (badly) to the lyrics of all my favourite songs, spoil them completely. Many hours passed including a number of wrong turns, some shouting and finally a strained silence, we arrived.

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The kittens were chocolate brown, quite thin with over sized ears for their bodies. Hopefully they will grow into them; either that or learn to fly. How could she choose, she sighed, she fussed finally I had to take control. One kitten stood out above the rest, he was sitting on my knee, he was purring, I acted.

“This kitten will be perfect for us, we’ll have this one,” I said.

As he was carried into the house he paid no attention to our Alsatian and Dalmatian who were getting overly excited and wound up. He sat quietly on my Mum’s lap carefully examining the things near by. His fur was silky soft, as he was just a kitten. That night he we took him into the study and played with him. He chased pieces of ribbon and tacked screwed up paper and from the way he played with such enjoyment, I immediately knew that he was going to be a mean hunter.

After many hour of thought we finally found a name, Zack. This fitted him perfectly it wasn’t too cuddly or too macho. It was just right. Zack was an unusual cat; this didn’t appear until he was allowed out of the house. As our family is frantically trying to get ready in the morning my dad takes the dogs out for a walk, and we noticed that Zack always wanted to go out at this time. One day he was let out and instead of wondering off into the wilderness that is our garden he followed behind the dogs into the field at the end of the road. He did this every time the dogs went for a walk. It became a part of the normal morning routine, when the dogs got a walk so did Zack.

Zack also enjoyed travelling in the car; he loved to travel with my Mum to pick up my brother from work. He very much enjoyed the company of humans, so when it was time to go away for our holidays he was exceptionally upset. The first time we went on holidays we put him into the kennels over the weekend, later when we got him out he was emotionally destroyed that we had left him for a whole weekend. Zack was in a bad mood for many days afterwards. This had to stop, so next time we went on holiday we decided that Zack would come with us.

We went to Newquay in the caravan, he was very calm in the car and slept with me and my brother all the way there. He never wandered off and didn’t get into too much trouble. But he did enjoy hunting in the near by pond. In the evening when we had sat down to eat some food, we had noticed that Zack had something very unusual in his month. After some investigation we found a bright blue egg, with darker blue spots. He had amazingly carried an egg all the way from the pond to our caravan which was 200meters.

Unfortunately this very unusual and massively loving cat went out hunting in the wood behind our house and never returned sorrowfully. He was a great hunter and brought many presents of squirrels back in his life time, this is probably where he met his end doing what he loved most. Climbing up trees and beating the squirrels at the own game until those nine lives run out.


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