Therefore you should have realistic expectations for the children’s Individual needs also by knowing and understanding the expected milestones for their age. A practitioner should be able to Identify whether a child’s going back a stage, they should be able to find out the reasons for this by speaking to their parents/careers. When understanding the pattern of development practitioners can adapt activities for a child’s Individual needs, this will help boost their confidence and self-esteem by doing things they understand, This information shows that having a knowledge and understanding of the pattern of development enables the practitioners to meet the child’s individual needs which is very important.

DO&D4 A time sample is one eatable method of observing and recording the social development of a child aged 5 years with this method you need a sheet of paper including a table on it, using this method doesn’t usually affect the child because the observation is done from a distance and Is quick to record, the only problem Is that a practitioner may forget when the next timed observation might be also you may miss certain events In between the timed observations. Each timed observation usually lasts 10 minutes each and because of this they’re usually done over a long period of time. When doing observations you should make sure that they’re objective(facts) and not subjective(pillion). 2 Observations can be used to support the development of children by making sure they are safe and that all their needs are met. Observing observing children is to understand the pattern of development as they meet their milestones, doing regular observations helps you monitor their progress and helps you plan for the next stage. If you’re aware of the child’s stage of development you will be able to provide appropriate activities for the individual child. Involving their arenas/careers to make sure they’re aware of their child’s difficulties.

One last reason is if they’re ill for a long period of time causing them to miss a lot of time away from their setting may affect their friendships or maybe make them feel left out. A child with disabilities may also feel the same. DO Snack and ell times support the social development of a child by making sure they’re full. A child which is hungry or thirsty can cause the child to not cooperate properly. Serving food to other children gives them a sense of responsibility. It helps with their social skills making them able to speak to their friends and other adults easily. As well as teaching them how to share and consider others C Transition is moving from one thing to another.

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Children and young people go through a series of transitions that should be supported throughout. As you get older you’re more able to cope with hang. Many transitions can effect emotional development and behavior, which may cause them to be distressed and insecure. This is often noticeable. There are 3 different stages a child will show if they aren’t supported and cared for properly while going through transitions. The first one is the child crying and/or shouting, followed by sluggish behavior and not taking part in activities. Finally they won’t connect with adults or other children.


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