In 1555. during the Ming dynasty imperial Zong Shi. a royal doctor fled to the metropolis of Zhangzhou ( Fujian state ) because it is non satisfied with the emperor was really barbarous. The doctor was settled in a temple located in the East Pushan under Zhangzhou City as a monastic. He witnessed the agony and wretchedness of the people due to incurable disease so that he felt compelled to supply assistance to all occupants. By utilizing a secret potion from the castle. he eventually managed to concoct a drug called “Pien Tze Huang” that have intending merely one tablet / pill ( Pien ) can alleviate redness.

At first. Pien Tze Huang blended in really traditional. Potions are passed down for coevalss from one coevals to another. Until 1911. a monastic from the small town Xiangyan Zhachuang who is besides heir herb Pien Tze Huang realized how of import these drugs. so he was seeking to develop a more professional mode. Finally. in 1956. in the small town of Xiangyan Zhachuang developed into Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory Pharmaceutical today. Due to exceeding belongingss. together with Pien Tze Huang Chinese immigrants began to distribute widely abroad Chinese. particularly to Southeast Asia. In 1960 through Pien Tze Huang. Hong Kong began to distribute and used by the Japanese and in the same twelvemonth formed the Society of Pien Tze Huang Users in Tokyo. When the Vietnam War-one. Pien Tze Huang widely used by the U. S. ground forces as one of the drug is needed in the war in the jungle. Recognizing the benefits of Pien Tze Huang in handling gunshot lesions. stabbed. ulcers and snake bites that can non be treated with antibiotics.

In the early 1950’s Prof. Sheng Guo Rong ne’er publish remedy malignant neoplastic disease patients treated with Pien Tze Huang for the first clip. Since so. many instances have been cured so that Pien Tze Huang has been shown to cut down the symptoms of malignant neoplastic disease.

Harmonizing to traditional Chinese medical specialty. malignant neoplastic disease is caused by the accretion of critical energy. blood. emotionlessness and moistness that inhibit blood vass that finally form tumours. This accretion is caused by a assortment of infective factors moving on the human organic structure. Therefore intervention with traditional Chinese medical specialty focuses on alleviating the obstruction of blood. soften and fade out difficult mass. Pien Tze Huang has been accepted as a malignant neoplastic disease drug both in China and abroad. and have achieved satisfactory consequences in the intervention of malignant neoplastic disease. particularly malignant neoplastic disease of the liver. tummy and colon malignant neoplastic disease. Because it can hike unsusceptibility. Pien Tze Huang is really of import in the endurance and quality of life of malignant neoplastic disease patients. Experiments conducted by the research lab of Pharmacology of Traditional Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine. China indicated that Pien Tze Huang has existent effects cut down the size of the malignant neoplastic disease. alleviate hurting. cut down clinical symptoms and prolong life in malignant neoplastic disease patients.

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From the consequences of research and clinical pattern of medical scientists today. Pien Tze Huang is besides recognized as a drug that can forestall redness. cut down heat. neutralize toxins. alleviate hurting due to infection. can besides handle hepatitis. liver disease. redness or puffiness of the liver. From many surveies it can be concluded that Pien Tze Huang is the traditional medical specialty of the most dependable and trusty benefits compared with other drugs. Pharmacologists besides began carry oning research on Pien Tze Huang in handling AIDS.

Essential ingredients in the Making Pien Tze Huang

Pien Tze Huang in the creative activity. there are four chief sorts of stuffs that have really of import maps. among others:

1. Shexiang ( Moschus )

Shexiang is a pouch located below the umbilicus ( Kista Subumbilikus ) a sort of cervid ( Moschus Moschiferus Linnaeus ) grownup males. Shexiang has a typical aroma that is utile to excite consciousness. better blood circulation. alleviate hurting. colds. hurts due to falls. and others.

2. Niuhuang ( Calculus Bovis )

Niuhuang are bilestones in the vesica and bile canal cowss ( Bos Taurus domesticus Gmelin ) . Drug ingredient is efficacious in taking heat. air current. spasms. phlegm. exciting consciousness. alleviate puffiness of the pharynx. oral cavity sores. and so on.

3. Shedan ( Fel Serpentis )

Shedan is dried snake gall is efficacious in taking heat. normal lung map and liver. sharpen vision. establishing the release of gall. remedy cough and other infections.

4. Tianqi ( Radix Notoginseng )

Tianqi called Sanqi. which is the root of Panaxnotoginseng. Tianqi has a aroma like ginseng and largely grown in Southern China. Tianqi has the map of increasing the volume of the coronary arterias. increase the degrees of O and foods needed by the bosom musculus. alleviate hurting. hurt from falls can besides establish frozen blood.

Apart from the four chief ingredients mentioned above. Pien Tze Huang was besides assorted with some sort of other natural ingredients that besides have efficacy in the intervention of assorted diseases.

Efficacy of Pien Tze Huang

Pien Tze Huang is a drug which is produced from Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory which serves to bring around several diseases and keep a healthy organic structure. The consequences of a clinical survey of the set of Shanghai Traditional Health Pharmacology. Institute of Drug Research Zhang Zhou and Pharmacology Research Institute Fujian drug located in China ( PRC ) Pien Tze Huang showed efficaciousness in the intervention and bar of disease. which we can depict as follows below:

1. In the field of mending

A. Tackling bosom abnormalcies

Liver map abnormalcies: elevated degrees of ALT. AST. GGT. Alkaline Phosphatase and blood hematoidin Hepatitis: Hepatitis A. B and non-A non-B. either acute. chronic or fulminant Fatty liver ( fatty liver )

Liver disease due to drug toxicity
Alcoholic liver disease
Hepatic inadequacy
Liver malignant neoplastic disease

B. Tackling redness:

Inflammation and enlarged prostate
Inflammation of the ear. nose and pharynx
Inflammation of the oculus
Inflammation of the oral cavity and gums
Purulent redness of the tegument. such as furuncles. abscesses. ulcers

C. Burn Injuries:

Scalded. touching hot objects
Burning fire and sunlight

D. Wound:

Gunshot lesion
Stab lesions. stabbed and another injured due to crisp objects Injury blow a blunt object

E. Eliminating hurting

F. Sprain. sprained

G. Wasp bites. serpents and other deadly animate beings

H. Cancer. particularly liver malignant neoplastic disease. stomachic malignant neoplastic disease and colon malignant neoplastic disease.

I. Before and after surgery

J. Cure dandy fever febrility.

2. In the field of bar

A. Strengthen the map of the liver and protects the liver

B. Preventing intoxicant poisoning

C. Preventing the outgrowth of anxiousness. trouble kiping. crossness. dyspepsia caused by weariness and emphasis.

D. Skin attention. particularly to do aglow fresh face. eliminate and prevent acne and allergic reactions to decorative ingredients.

Apart from clinical surveies have besides been conducted scientific surveies concluded that Pien Tze Huang is safe and does non do negative effects. even at 40 times the dose disposal grownups for a period of up to 30 yearss. It can besides be used for all ages. from kids aged 1 twelvemonth to old age. Just maintain in head that Pien Tze Huang should non be given to pregnant adult females.

Pien Tze Huang in The Eyes of The World

Long ago. many Chinese migrators utilizing Pien Tze Huang as the chief drug to forestall infection and hurting. They ever use Pien Tze Huang on a regular footing in their life to alleviate hurting and febrility caused by hepatitis. sore pharynx. Burnss. burned by hot objects. crisp objects stabbed. shooting and bee bites / serpent. They are besides accustomed to utilizing Pien Tze Huang before and after surgery to halt hemorrhage. prevent infection and rush the healing procedure.

In Indonesia. where many people contracted hepatitis Pien Tze Huang realize that is a Panacea for protecting the liver and hepatitis. In Thailand excessively many malignant neoplastic disease patients taking Pien Tze Huang because it can supply a greater life anticipation for their answer. In recent old ages more and more people in the universe who know the benefits of this elixir. As one obvious illustration. Pien Tze Huang are now registered and have been tested in the U. S. Department of Health as a drug that may be go arounding and sold freely. Besides pharmacological research workers from several European states. Japan. Korea and India have besides done research on Pien Tze Huang and the consequences proved to be really satisfactory.

The Chinese migrators frequently said that you should ever retrieve to convey supplies are 3 sorts of airfare. passport and Pien Tze Huang when you will go far. Our hope that Pien Tze Huang can convey felicity to you all.


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