Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 Essay, Research Paper

Chinese Exclusion Act 1882

The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in 1882. The

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Chinese Exclusion Act was non passed because of fright of increasing

population the United States. It was passed because of racism. It was

besides passed because Americans were scared of losing their occupations.

Chinese were sought for occupations in mines and railwaies. Racial tensenesss

increased as more and more Chinese emigrated, occupied occupations, and

created competition for occupations.

The Chinese came to America in hunt of chances.

Others fled China because of economic jobs. The Gold Rush

happened during a period of poorness in China, which encouraged the

Chinese to emigrate to the US. In California, the Chinese fledglings

shortly became an exploited work force, particularly since they were

preponderantly male, but the rewards they received in the economic system were

better so the 1s they received in China. Many

Chinese became mineworkers, and some developed the wash concern.

Owners of the Southern Pacific Railroad, who sought to finish the

transcontinental railway, imported 1000s of Chinese because they

were patient and inexpensive.

Resistance in California was both immediate and strong.

During the Gold Rush, 1000s of Americans from the East, began

to hold nativists attitudes. Besides non- American Whites, who had

suffered from Eastern nativism, attacked the Chinese in order to

promote their position. Many Chinese immigrants faced favoritism

from many different groups. American mineworkers felt that the hard-

working and low- paid Chinese were cut downing their rewards. Americans

claimed that occupations were scarce, and that the Chinese were stealing their

merely occupations. The Americans besides believed that the Chinese were directing

excessively much gold back to China. They believed the wealth should remain in

the United States. The Chinese were considered aliens. They

remained with their ain sort and were really productive. Immigration


s and laundry-operation fees, were passed in order to restrict the

success of the Chinese workers. Cartoons and propaganda

demonstrated hatred toward the Chinese. Some mottos reinforced the

position that Chinese & # 8220 ; worked inexpensive and smelled bad & # 8221 ;

Even though Chinese people were discriminated,

in-migration was still in advancement. Many Chinese felt that their

chances were still better than in China. Attempts were made to censor

Chinese in-migration, and a measure was passed in 1879. It was vetoed, by

President Hayes, because it violated the Burlingame Treaty. In 1882,

The Chinese Exclusion Act banned the in-migration of Chinese

labourers for 10 old ages. The population of the Chinese emigrating into

the US, decreased from 61, 711 to 14, 799. Teachers, merchandisers,

pupils, and visitants were exempt from the act. The Chinese

Exclusion Act created many jobs due to different readings

of the jurisprudence and the inability for port functionaries to do or acquire speedy,

clear determinations. After the 10 old ages were up, a new pact was made in

which China agreed to exclusion of Chinese labourers for 10 old ages. In

1906, temblor fires detroyed all household records, and the Chinese

found a opportunity to utilize false names and individualities, and came to their

bogus relations already in the US as paper boies and girls. In

response, the metropolis of San Francisco created a prison-like detainment

centre for incoming immigrants at Angel Island in 1910, where

functionaries screened and deported bogus incomers.

In Conclusion, the Chinese Exclusion Act made a great

impact on the American people every bit good as on the Chinese. Many

grounds were could hold been the ground the US applied this act to the

Chinese. Many Americans feared losing their occupations, therefore they took

action. They besides feared the spread of Communism from China.

American repute remains tainted by its racism and inhumane

policies towards the Chinese in the latter portion of the nineteenth century and

the early portion of the twentieth century



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